All treatments at Oneworld Retreats are designed to give you a holistic and soulful experience. Combined of local traditional natural ingredients and Ayurvedic principles to offer you a variety of treatments providing healing and well-being both physically and emotionally. Please take a look at all the treatments we offer below.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

Full Body – 60 minutes Abhyanga is one of the signature treatments of the Ayurvedic healing system. It is a full body massage given by a therapist with rhythmic hand movements using copious amounts of warm, pre-medicated herbal oil. The herbs used are chosen based on the patient’s specific condition. Benefits:
  • lubricates the body
  • enhances lymphatic drainage and circulation
  • induces relaxation whilst eliminating toxins
  • balances the doshas or bioenergies
  • is generally vitalizing
Price: IDR 650,000++

Relaxing Massage

full body – 75 minutes 

Oneworld Retreats’ relaxing massage is based on ayurvedic principles and uses warm oil and professional hands to balance the chakras, the key energy points in your body.

In harmony with Ayurveda and stone therapy, this massage is designed for deep relaxation and stress removal.

Price: IDR 450,000++

Mandi Lulur – Floral Bath

full body – 110 minutes

Known as a famous treatment for Javanese royal families since the 17th century, mandi lulur detoxifies, softens and rejuvenates your skin.

  • relaxing massage
  • scrub: rice powder, turmeric and sandal wood
  • moisturizer: fresh yogurt
  • bath of fresh flowers and essential oil

Price: IDR 550,000++

Mandi Susu – Milk Bath

full body – 110 minutes

Milk is used to brighten, soften and moisturise the skin. Its benefits are known since the age of Cleopatra.

  • relaxing massage
  • scrub: milk based exfoliant
  • moisturizer: milk
  • bath of fresh flowers with essential oil

Price: IDR 550,000++

Mandi Rempah – Spice Bath

full body – 110 minutes  

A combination of several traditional ingredients that function to detoxify your skin and promote blood circulation.

  • relaxing massage
  • scrub: spice scrub
  • bath of spices with herbs, clove and cinnamon

Price: IDR 550,000++

Mandi Kopi – Coffee Bath

full body – 110 minutes 

Coffee scrub helps reduce cellulite and works as a natural deodorizer. Coffee is the best way to refresh your skin.

  • relaxing massage
  • scrub: coffee exfoliant
  • moisturizer: fresh papaya
  • bath of fresh flowers with essential oil

Price: IDR 550,000++

Mandi Teh Hijau – Green Tea Bath

full body – 110 minutes 

Anti-oxidants contained in green tea protect your skin from the free radicals and work as anti-aging and anti-acne agents.

  • relaxing massage
  • scrub: green tea based exfoliant
  • moisturizer: fresh yogurt
  • bath of fresh flowers, essential oil

Price: IDR 550,000++

Ayurvedic Facial  

face and neck – 60 minutes

Using only herbal products, our therapists gently cleanse, steam and exfoliate your skin; manual extraction follows if needed. Throughout the treatment, the therapist incorporates a soothing and uplifting face, neck and shoulder massage. While relaxing under the mask, you will enjoy an arm or lower leg massage. After toner, a moisturizer is applied to maintain moisture levels. Our facials encourage the restoration of youthful vitality and natural radiance of your skin. We offer facials for sensitive and normal skin.

Papaya and tomatoes

For oily or sensitive skin types

A soothing papaya and tomatoes can do wonders for your skin. The mixture is applied to your face and neck to clear dirt and impurities, helping to restore elasticity and natural radiance.

Lemon and honey

For dry, normal, or combination skin types

Lemon and honey are natural ingredients rich in antioxidant that helps the removal of dead skin cells and protect the skin from free radicals. An ideal facial to soothe and hydrate your skin.

Price: IDR 500,000++


In our manicure and pedicure treatments, your cuticles are trimmed after soaking in a warm flower bath, and your nails clipped and/or filed to shape.

A hand and lower arm massage brings relaxation to the manicure, while a foot and lower leg massage enhances the pedicure.

45 minutesPrice: IDR 300,000++

Hand Spa Treatment

60 minutes

An Asian hand ritual to revitalize and beautify your hands. A lemon and honey cleanser is gently applied, followed by a turmeric and aloe vera scrub. The hand is wrapped and steamed, and finished with a clay mask. The result is remarkable!

Price: IDR 350,000++

Hair Crème Bath

60 minutes

A vital treat for your hair and scalp that also lifts the spirit!

Your scalp is massaged with a rich avocado cream to stimulate circulation and release tension. Steaming follows to hydrate and preserve suppleness. Your therapist slowly massages your shoulders and upper arms before finally washing, applying hair tonic and drying.

This treatment will leave your hair radiant.

Price: IDR 350,000++

Hibiscus Hair Shampoo

30 minutes

Before the arrival of shampoo, Indonesians used this special recipe to keep their hair healthy. We invite you to enjoy this time-honoured tradition. Our treatment includes a scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

Price: IDR 200,000++

Hair Wash

20 minutes

Price: IDR 150,000++

Prices exclude tax and services