Lacking energy? Suffering from anxiety and stress? Having problems sleeping? Wanting to lose weight? Tackling hormonal, infertility or menopausal issues? Trying to age gracefully?

A Panchakarma program is a full-body detox guided by Ayurvedic principles. Each Panchakarma is uniquely tailored after a consultation with our leading Ayurvedic doctors from India.

The doctors will assess your bio-energies (doshas) and determine any imbalances while also taking into consideration any underlying health conditions you may have. They will then customise a Panchakarma program for you including detoxes, treatments, and meals during your stay.

Personalised Programs

Uniquely tailored based on your imbalances and health conditions

Highly-qualified Doctors

Guided by experienced Ayurvedic doctors from India

Ayurvedic Detox

Proper detox procedures based on scientific principles

All Inclusive

Accommodation, meals, daily yoga sessions, twice-daily treatments, medicines, and more

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Preparatory Procedures

Your body and mind are prepared for the detoxification process through treatments that remove deep-seated toxins and make them ready for elimination.

Detox/Cleansing Procedure

There are five cleansing methods used for detoxification, giving Panchakarma its name, Pancha meaning ‘five’ and Karma ‘actions’. After your consultation, the doctor will prescribe which is the most suitable for you.

Post-Therapeutic Dietetics

An individually tailored diet plan to ignite your digestive fire and ensure long-lasting results after your Panchakarma.

How long should your Panchakarma be?


Get introduced to Ayurvedic principles to learn about your doshas and how to make lifestyle choices to keep them in balance. Experience a full-body detox program based on Ayurvedic principles, individually tailored to your health condition.


Recommended for people looking to treat pre-existing medical conditions. Our Ayurvedic doctors will assess your medical history and create a tailored program consisting of healthy meals, daily authentic Ayurvedic treatments and doctors' consultations, yoga, and much more.


Recommended for those living with long-term medical issues such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, menopause, infertility, diabetes, obesity, insomnia, or needing to detox post-chemotherapy and COVID treatment. The 21-day detox is highly-tailored to address these issues and any imbalances.

All-inclusive Panchakarma Detox Program in Bali

  • Transportation from/to airport/South Bali
  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Ayurvedic meals
  • Twice daily treatments
  • Ayurvedic medicines
  • 3x doctor consultations – for a 7-night Panchakarma
  • 6x doctor consultations – for a 14-night Panchakarma
  • 9x doctor consultations – for a 21-night Panchakarma
  • Daily morning and evening yoga & meditation sessions
  • Cooking demos & lectures
  • Afternoon activities (walks, cooking demos, lectures, etc.)
  • Agnihotra purification ritual
  • Letting-go ritual
  • Detox day/s
  • Bathrobe, sarong, and flip-flops to wear during Panchakarma
  • Government tax and services


  • Personalized water bottle
  • Hand-made canvas bag
  • Balinese traditional sarong
  • Incense sticks to remind you of Bali
  • Comprehensive information booklet
Enjoy Oneworld’s Relaunch Special Offer

Make your reservation prior to 31 Dec 2022 and save on any programs prior to 1 April 2023.

Dr Rigin KC
retreat price

Enjoy Oneworld’s Relaunch Special Offer

Make your reservation prior to 31 Dec 2022 and save on any Panchakarma prior to 1 Apr 2023

7-night stay
Single occupancy 

Regular: IDR 34,000,000 / ±USD 2,345
Special offer: IDR 28,900,000 / ±USD 1,993

Save USD 352 

7-night stay
Double occupancy

Regular: IDR 25,500,000/ ±USD 1,759
Special offer: IDR 21,600,000 / ±USD 1,495

Save USD 269

14-night stay
Single occupancy
Regular: IDR 68,000,000 / ±USD 4,690
Special offer: IDR 54,400,000 / ±USD 3,752

Save USD 938

14-night stay
Double occupancy

Regular: IDR 51,000,000 / ±USD 3,518
Special offer: IDR 40,800,000 / ±USD 2,814

Save USD 704

21-night stay
Single occupancy
Regular: IDR 89,800,000 / ±USD 6,193
Special offer: IDR 67,300,000 / ±USD 4,641

Save USD 1,552

21-night stay
Double occupancy

Regular: IDR 76,300,000 / ±USD 5,262
Special offer: IDR 57,300,000 / ±USD 3,952

Save USD 1,310

Night Stay Room Regular Price Launch special offer
Single IDR 34,000,000 / ±USD 2,345 IDR 28,900,000 / ±USD 1,993 Save USD 352
Double IDR 25,500,000 / ±USD 1,759 IDR 21,600,000 / ±USD 1,490 Save USD 269
Single IDR 68,000,000 / ±USD 4,690 IDR 54,400,000 / ±USD 3,752 Save USD 938
Double IDR 51,000,000 / ±USD 3,518 IDR 40,800,000 / ±USD 2,814 Save USD 704
Single IDR 89,800,000 / ±USD 6,193 IDR 67,300,000 / ±USD4,641 Save USD 1,552
Double IDR 76,300,000 / ±USD 5,262 IDR 57,300,000 / ±USD 3,952 Save USD 1,310

Prices are per person.

The currency conversion rate is USD 1 = ± IDR 14,500. 

  • A 50% deposit is payable via VISA, Mastercard, or bank transfer and must be made within 7 working days from booking confirmation.
  • Oneworld Retreats does not offer refunds on your deposit, however up to 100% of your deposit may be used for another retreat within 12 months of the original retreat date. Cancellation penalties may apply.
  • Oneworld Retreats does not offer credit for arriving late or leaving early and no partial refunds for any services not used during your retreat.
  • Payment indicates agreement to:
    Oneworld Retreats Program Participants Disclaimer
    Oneworld Retreats Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ayurveda an evidence-based science?

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is based on time-tested theories proven by observation, trial and error, and experimentation. Research done at reputed Ayurvedic institutes is registered in the clinical trial registry which is the single platform for all fields of medicine. Clinical research is being published in recognised medical journals all over the world. Ayurveda has taken the help of modern research methodology to prove its efficacy. Pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical, and pharmacological studies are also being conducted along with clinical trials. The Ayurvedic pharmacological companies in India are scrutinized closely to maintain the standards of their medicines and are awarded ‘good manufacturing practices’- certificates. They are also encouraged to conduct and register clinical trials.

Will I be fasting during my stay?

Food is an important part of Panchakarma and your meals will be well-balanced according to the guidelines of Ayurveda. In general, you will enjoy three delicious meals daily, healthy and balanced for you. On the detox day(s), you will have a special diet with little food to make sure you get the maximum benefits from the detox.

What will a typical day be like during my Panchakarma?

Everybody’s experience will be different. And each day different events will be scheduled. Just to give you an idea of what your day could look like, here is a brief outline: The gong sounds early, gently waking you up in time for your medication. Time for yoga and meditation in the beautiful yoga hall overlooking the valley or just relax on your balcony. Then it is time for breakfast before you meet with the doctor and start your daily treatments in the treatment centre. The duration and number of your treatments will vary, depending on which stage you are at. We often hold talks in the morning, some on Ayurveda, others are cooking demonstrations. After lunch, there is time to yourself for relaxation before your scheduled afternoon treatments. Time to enjoy dinner.

What do I need to know before planning my Panchakarma?
  • If you are planning to travel in addition to doing a Panchakarma (PK), we recommend that you do so beforehand. The deep cleansing technique triggers the body’s innate healing process which does not stop on the last day of treatment. Therefore, it is really important not to go traveling afterward but to ease your way back into your activities. The slow-down or recovery phase we advise is equivalent to the number of days of your PK. For example, if you have done ten days allow at least a ten-day recovery phase for the body and mind. Not always easy to do, but try!
  • We offer authentic PK. Ayurveda tells us to get plenty of rest, keep warm, and protect ourselves from excessive sunlight and wind. Therefore avoid sunbathing, swimming, going into Ubud to shop, or undertaking excursions during your PK. Observe your thoughts and experiences and travel inwards instead. Doing a PK is giving the self ‘me time, it is a gift of rejuvenation to the body, mind, and soul that we all so deserve.
I am pregnant – can I still join Panchakarma?
It is possible for expecting mothers to do a Panchakarma, the program will be customized and there will be no detox scheduled during the program.

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