Is Ayurveda an evidence-based science?

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is based on time-tested theories proven by observation, trial and error, and experimentation. Research done at reputed Ayurvedic institutes is registered in the clinical trial registry which is the single platform for all fields of medicine. Clinical research is being published in recognised medical journals all over the world. Ayurveda has taken the help of modern research methodology to prove its efficacy. Pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical, and pharmacological studies are also being conducted along with clinical trials. The Ayurvedic pharmacological companies in India are scrutinized closely to maintain the standards of their medicines and are awarded ‘good manufacturing practices’- certificates. They are also encouraged to conduct and register clinical trials.

What does Panchakarma Detox Program mean?
Experiencing Panchakarma is beyond a spa wellness holiday and is different for each person. It is a common misconception that a PK is only authentic when it involves drinking ghee for 3-5 days, followed by purgation and eating repetitive food like kitchadi every day. However, there are many other considerations taken into account. The doctors will look at your age, bio-energies, imbalances, the status of digestive fire, disease and its stage, extent of ama/endotoxins, the seat of toxins, and many other factors before deciding which treatment is best suited for you and selecting the detox method. Depending on your condition and progress during the PK, you might undergo several detoxes but it is very rare that one person has all five methods. When the endotoxins are deep-seated, an external and internal oleation or snehana will be chosen. This treatment involves drinking ghee or oil or adding them to a soup or rice. But maybe a medicated oil enema, dripping oil into the ears, an oil massage, or a bath are the best options for you, not to mention the many localized oil treatments for knees, lower back, etc. Next comes fomentation (Swedan) using external dry or wet heat. This includes poultices, herbal baths, steam therapy, mild exercise or yoga, etc. In addition to the above, your digestive fire will be improved and undigested matter (ama) removed by herbal medicines prescribed by the doctors. All these stages are important to remove the deep-seated endotoxins from the tissues. Once they are ready for this, a suitable detox method will be chosen for you. And sometimes the endotoxins are already ripe for removal and no fomentation or oleation is needed at all. In cases like this, it is important that the endotoxins are removed as soon as possible.
How is the length of my Panchakarma calculated?

We count in nights, not days. Your Panchakarma begins the morning after your arrival day. On the last day, there will still be morning treatments if your travel schedule allows. We offer Panchakarma detox programs that are 7 nights, 10 nights, or 14 nights. All start on the second and third Sunday of each month.

Will I be fasting during my stay?

Food is an important part of Panchakarma and your meals will be well-balanced according to the guidelines of Ayurveda. In general, you will enjoy three delicious meals daily, healthy and balanced for you. On the detox day(s), you will have a special diet with little food to make sure you get the maximum benefits from the detox.

Can I keep up my exercise routine during my stay?

During a Panchakarma detox program, we advise you not to exert yourself with high impact exercise. There will be gentle yoga and meditation offered twice daily, you can join for group scheduled walks in the beautiful rice fields or the herbal gardens.

What is included in the Panchakarma?

Our prices are all-inclusive of accommodation, meals, daily treatments, initial diagnosis, doctor consultations, medicines, yoga, meditation, herbal walks, transfers from/to the airport, etc. Government taxes and service charges are also included. 

Should I bring anything special for my Panchakarma?

Once the reservation is confirmed we will send you an email with all the relevant information. You will need yoga clothes if you intend to join our daily classes. No mats are needed, we have plenty. Remember that we are in the tropics, so no need to bring warm clothing, though you may want to bring a wrap or a cardigan. Due to the use of medicated oils during your treatments, there can be some staining, so no need to bring expensive clothing. We provide you with bathrobe, sarong, and flip-flops to wear during the program.

For our community… If you have clothing, shoes, hats, a used laptop computer, or whatever you think could be useful for people that are less fortunate, do not hesitate to bring them as a donation to the village people. It is absolutely not necessary, yet it will certainly be appreciated.

What will a typical day be like during my Panchakarma?

Everybody’s experience will be different. And each day different events will be scheduled. Just to give you an idea of what your day could look like, here is a brief outline: The gong sounds early, gently waking you up in time for your medication. Time for yoga and meditation in the beautiful yoga hall overlooking the valley or just relax on your balcony. Then it is time for breakfast before you meet with the doctor and start your daily treatments in the treatment centre. The duration and number of your treatments will vary, depending on which stage you are at. We often hold talks in the morning, some on Ayurveda, others are cooking demonstrations. After lunch, there is time to yourself for relaxation before your scheduled afternoon treatments. Time to enjoy dinner.

What do I need to know before planning my Panchakarma?
  • If you are planning to travel in addition to doing a Panchakarma (PK), we recommend that you do so beforehand. The deep cleansing technique triggers the body’s innate healing process which does not stop on the last day of treatment. Therefore, it is really important not to go traveling afterward but to ease your way back into your activities. The slow-down or recovery phase we advise is equivalent to the number of days of your PK. For example, if you have done ten days allow at least a ten-day recovery phase for the body and mind. Not always easy to do, but try!
  • We offer authentic PK. Ayurveda tells us to get plenty of rest, keep warm, and protect ourselves from excessive sunlight and wind. Therefore avoid sunbathing, swimming, going into Ubud to shop, or undertaking excursions during your PK. Observe your thoughts and experiences and travel inwards instead. Doing a PK is giving the self ‘me time, it is a gift of rejuvenation to the body, mind, and soul that we all so deserve.
I am pregnant – can I still join Panchakarma?
It is possible for expecting mothers to do a Panchakarma, the program will be customized and there will be no detox scheduled during the program.
What is the minimum age for a Panchakarma?

A Panchakarma is open to people aged 16 years and above.

What is the difference between a yoga retreat and a Panchakarma detox program?

Yoga retreats are led by our in-house or guest yoga teachers. Each teacher offers different styles of yoga, teaching and experiences—some retreats include trips around the island or a deeper dive into your personal development. As part of your retreat you will have a choice of Ayurvedic or traditional treatments and be served delicious, healthy meals throughout. With a variety of retreats on offer you can find one that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

A Panchakarma Detox Program is directed by our Ayurvedic doctors, who upon arrival will assess your bio-energy (Dosha) and create a tailored program to restore balance and address any health conditions you may have. While you will still practice yoga, it is a softer form of yoga as during a Panchakarma you can’t exert yourself too much. Similarly, during a Panchakarma gentle walks around the surrounding area are fine, but trips into town or further away should be avoided as external stimuli can affect the healing process. 

You will have twice-daily Ayurvedic treatments and eat a variety of nutritious and balancing Ayurvedic meals as prescribed by our doctors. 

What’s included in our retreat?

Accommodation, yoga, meditation, and other lessons/workshops, most of the meals, ground transportation, airport transfers, some excursions, some spa treatments, and the government tax and service are included. If a meal or an excursion is not included, it is clearly noted in the itinerary. 

Not included are the flight to Bali, travel insurance, Visa on Arrival cost (if needed), personal laundry service, and other personal expenses.

Should I bring anything special for retreats?

Once the reservation is confirmed we send an information email to our guests. It is necessary to bring your own yoga clothing. There are clothes designed especially for yoga, stretchy top, and pants. However, one can practice yoga without these. A t-shirt and pair of shorts are fine for yoga. If the retreat includes a blessing ceremony we suggest that you take along a white shirt with sleeves.

We have enough yoga mats at the centre, yet you may want to bring your own. We also have a shop selling an assortment of eco-friendly TPE mats and Natural Rubber mats, as well as yoga clothing and supplies to assist you in your yoga practice!

Can I join the yoga classes only without joining the retreat?

The yoga classes during the retreat are strictly reserved for the retreat participants. Depending on availability, it is possible to book one-on-one yoga classes with our in-house yoga teacher.

I am pregnant – can I still join a retreat?

Not all yoga styles practiced in the retreats are suitable for expecting mothers. Of course, you may join a retreat, but we strongly recommend that you get approval from your doctor beforehand. During the retreat, you can adjust your poses based on your capability but it is important that you understand that you are responsible for any risks you are taking.

Do you offer yoga teacher training?

No, we do not offer yoga teacher training.

What kind of food is served during the retreat?

During retreats, a combination of western and Ayurvedic meals will be served. We do not serve pork and beef. Vegetarian and vegan meals are available as well and will be adjusted to your personal dietary preference.

What is the minimum age for retreats?

The yoga retreats are open for people aged14 years and above.

How do I pay?

The 50% deposit payment is non-refundable with no exceptions and the cancellation policy applies. This is to be paid to the One World Retreat PayPal account or bank account.

Balance payment of your retreat

The balance of the payment for your retreat will be paid upon arrival; you may choose to pay by cash (Indonesian Rupiah only accepted), by Visa or Master Card. Please make sure you checked with your bank if your credit card is set for being used abroad. Please note we are not able to accept other methods of payment e.g. bank drafts.

Payment of additional purchases at the center

Should you make additional purchases at the center, for instance in our spa, gift shop, laundry service or room service, the payment will be requested upon check out. Payments for your additional purchases can be made by Visa or Mastercard or in Indonesian Rupiah cash. Payment using other major currencies is not possible. IMPORTANT: Please let your bank know that you are traveling abroad to eliminate problems with your credit card

What Is the Cancellation Policy?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is requested to secure your booking. Oneworld Retreats does not offer cash or bank transfer refunds for any reason. A portion of your payment may be used as a credit for another program within 12 months of the original date. Depending on when you cancel, cancellation penalties may apply. The following schedule determines fees:

  • For cancellations made more than 90 days before the program start date, 100% of your deposit payment may be applied to another program.
  • For cancellations made between 89 and 31 days before the program start date, 50% of your deposit payment may be applied to another date. 50% of the deposit is forfeited
  • If you cancel 30 days or less before your program starting date, the entire deposit is forfeited.

Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. We do not offer credit for arriving late or leaving early. There are no partial refunds for any services not used during your program.

Cancellation by Oneworld Retreats

Oneworld Retreats will do its utmost to maintain its standard of never canceling a program, but if for some unforeseen reason Oneworld Retreats were to ever cancel a program, guests are welcome to move program dates or their payment will be refunded in full.

Payment of your deposit indicates your agreement to this cancellation policy.

Do I need a visa?

To see for which countries Visa-free entry is given, please visit the official site.

Please be aware that it is only valid for 30 days, your arrival and departure dates included (even if you arrive 10 minutes before midnight, it counts as one day). This visa cannot be extended. If you are planning to stay longer than 30 days, please get the Visa on Arrival as this can later be extended inside Indonesia. In this case, make sure you go first to the VOA (Visa On Arrival) counter, best if you have the exact amount ready (IDR 500,000) or you can pay by Visa or MasterCard. Then, go to the immigration counter.

Can I extend my stay?

It is possible to extend based on availability.

Where do I fly?

International Ngurah Rai in Denpasar (DPS) is the only airport in Bali.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is at 2:00 pm and check-out is at noon. We will do our best to accommodate any late check-out requests but these cannot be guaranteed and depends on availability. If your plane is leaving late, and late check out is not possible, you can still stay at the center but will need to vacate your room by noon. We can store your luggage and you can use the showers in the treatment center. 

Do you have Wi-fi connection?

Free Wi-fi connection is available at the center, yet please keep in mind the internet in Bali is not always reliable. You may work or use gadgets during your free time though it is suggested to avoid any loud noise to keep guest’s convenience

What if I am traveling alone?

We often have guests coming alone and they enjoy their journey as well as the program. If you want to share the room, you have to bring your own roommate.

How is the climate in Bali?

In Bali, there are two seasons, the dry and the wet season. Normally, the wet season begins in November and lasts till March/April, and then it is the dry season with occasional rain. Very rarely do we have rain lasting all day, the rain usually comes in the afternoon or evening/overnight.

What is the local currency?

It is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Due to government regulations, we only accept payments in this currency. Use our currency converter for today’s accurate rates.

If I want to change money, what place would you recommend?

There are many money changers in Ubud and most of them offer the same rate. It is usually better to change money after arriving in Bali than in your home country.

Is there an ATM nearby?

There are many ATMs in Ubud, about 1.4km from the resort. Ensure that your ATM card is activated for international use.

What kind of credit card is accepted at Oneworld Retreats?

MasterCard and VISA are accepted at our center.

Is it possible to book additional spa treatments?

Oneworld Retreats Kumara has its own treatment center offering a combination of high quality traditional and Ayurvedic treatments. A complete menu is available for guests to add treatments to their program. They can be booked upon your arrival at the center, not before.

Is smoking allowed at the center?

Smoking is prohibited in all areas (rooms, terraces/balconies, dining area, pool area, yoga shala, garden) and is only allowed outside of the centre. For a Panchakarma program, smoking is strictly forbidden.

Do you offer gift vouchers?
Do you offer commissions to travel agents?