What is Meditation?

Despite the name that has become increasingly popular, meditation still appears a myth to many. From silent sitting to a more dynamic type, meditation is believed to create a space in mind that allows one to listen to their intuition. Meditation instructor Margo Field is sharing her knowledge about this….

Many people think that meditation is sitting in a lotus position with both eyes closed for a certain length of time. Is that all what is happening during meditation?

Meditation can take many forms. There are “moving” meditations like chakra dancing, mantras and chants that can be repeated whilst sitting or walking around as well as mindful awareness – a way of being conscious in daily life that is meditative. Certainly sitting still with your legs crossed, or in lotus position or on a straight backed chair is a great form of meditation – but the lotus position is not essential.

How does meditation help people solve their problems?

Meditation provides a “circuit breaker” that calms down the body and mind. There is now a mass of scientific evidence as to the positive impact meditation has on our systems. Importantly, we can do meditation to simply reduce stress or we can use meditation as a pathway into a deeper connection with the divine (or both). Whatever our reasons for meditation, its calming effects provide a “space” for intuition and godly wisdom to be heard –and for inspiration to come through. In this way, we can often spontaneously find solutions to life’s dilemmas.

Is meditation the way to spiritual awakening, or spiritual awakening is the way to meditation?

Ha ha! As humans 99% of us can definitely make spiritual awakening much easier by meditation or prayer. The other one percent…. Not me!

What kind of types of meditation do you offer in your retreat?

Breath awareness, centering, chakra movement, deep listening, sound and sensory awareness meditation, mindfulness approaches, chanting and mantra based types to name the main ones.

How to find the type of meditation that suits us the most?

We are all different and I believe that this retreat offers some great options for people to try to see what feels good to them.

What is the right age to start learning meditation?

From before birth (in utero) to right now. Its only too late if you don’t start at all!

When is the best time of the day for meditation?

For some people first thing in the morning is great, and last thing before bed is also good. The morning is really ideal but many find it difficult so I always say any meditation at any time is better than no meditation. It is good to make a commitment to find a regularly time slot that can change with circumstance. Personally I meditate briefly each morning and before bed but also have a long meditation time each week which varies on the day and time depending on my routine that week.

What is “The Six Senses Meditation, Awakening and Discovery Retreat” about?

Best if I let previous attendee describes it:

“This retreat is about connection: connection of mind, body, spirit and community. Through meditation you share your mind to connect with body. Through rituals, you connect mind and spirit to a great universal spirit. During the meals and activities you connect with retreat participants to create a community, and the excursions from the retreat connect you to Bali. Margo is a truly remarkable leader. She has designed and delivers a retreat perfectly timed to give you just what you need when you need it to kick start your own self-discovery at your own pace. Robert’s (teacher’s assistant) male energy provides a wonderful counter balance and Wayan’s (yoga teacher) open heart is lovely to experience. The location at luxurious Kumara Sakti in beautiful Ubud is an unexpected bonus.” – B, Australian woman (40s)

How do you work with each individual in your retreat program?

I do my best to respect and honour each individual. If they want privacy this is fine, if they want to gain specific outcomes then I encourage them to share with me. I certainly remain aware of individual needs at all times.

Who should join your retreat?

This is a great retreat for anyone who wants to have “time out” from their usual life. Best for anyone from 18 – 80. Singles can find a good balance of company and solitude, couples find the retreat a balm for their relationships and many mums and daughters or friends love this retreat.

If you want to discover the best of yourself – come along.

Margo Field is a passionate coach with 20 year plus experience of facilitating meditation, life management skills and relaxation. She describes herself as a personal trainer for the heart, mind and spirit. Margo is a qualified Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Further information about her works can be viewed on her website. Margo will lead “The Six Senses Meditation, Awakening and Discovery Retreat, 2012” at ONEWORLD retreats.

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