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Wellness Retreat

A Panchakarma for Lifestyle Readjustment

By Iyan Yaspriyana

Yoga teacher, retreat leader and Co-Founder of Oneworld Retreats

When we are in a state of health, physically and mentally, we are in a state of well-being. To reach this state, we have to strive to incorporate good health habits into our daily life. If you listen to your body you may realize you need to make some readjustments to your lifestyle and need to be open and accepting of those changes to ensure you lead a long and healthy life.

A few years ago we established an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Center, where I was able to do my first Panchakarma. I feel grateful and blessed to have had that experience—and since then I’ve recognized that I need to do a Panchakarma at least once a year. Why?

I have had health issues since I was young. I thought that doing yoga and meditation, having a good diet, and keeping positive would be enough for me. But it was not enough. I faced some serious health issues in 2021, and when I returned from ten days in the hospital my body was full of the toxins left over from the heavy medications I’d been taking.

So I decided to do Panchakarma for ten days. During my first consultation with the doctor, he told me what my Dosha was and explained what a Dosha is. The explanation was overwhelming, as I could recognize myself and my health issues from the reading. After doing the program I was amazed by the results—I felt lighter and cleansed of the medication that had been in my system.

Knowing my Dosha makes me aware of what I eat, what exercises I do, what yoga asanas and pranayama I should practice, and how to maintain a good mental-emotional state. I now see a Panchakarma as a reset and readjustment that I need each year to make sure I’m maintaining my health.

I am still living with my health issues and I am working to make them easier to live with. I’m determined to be strong and healthy, so I can keep doing the things I love and remain grateful for what I have. I am now very open to these regular readjustments so I have a better life and make ‘my life worth living.’

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