The Mythology Ganesh / Ganesha

Once upon a time, Shiva had to go away for a long time to fulfill his duty as a destroyer or killer. He said to his wife that since he would be away for long, no single soul was allowed to touch the house or even step into the compound. He told her very sternly! And his wife agreed with him, absolutely. She did not just obey her husband; personally she did not want it to happen. She thought what kind of wife would she be otherwise?

When her husband went away, suddenly she felt lonely and was not feeling secure. Because she is one of the goddesses, she had sakti, spiritual power. With her sakti she created a son. Her son was handsome and a well built young man. She said to him: ‘My son, your name is Ganesh and you are my only son. You are here to be my caretaker, because I need you to be.’ She told Ganesh that he was not allowed to let anyone enter the compound. Her son obeyed her.

Some years later, Shiva returned home. From a far distance he saw a young good looking man standing in his compound. His jealousy grew strong and his anger went to his head. When he approached the house, he immediately asked Ganesh: Who are you? Feeling insulted, Ganesh replied: And who are you? Their anger became uncontrollable and they fought. After a long time of fighting, Shiva was getting tired and wanted to end the fight. So, with his sakti, he chopped Ganesh’s head off and with supreme anger threw it far away.

The wife heard the noise and came out. What a horrible scene! She was screaming hysterically when she saw her son’s body full of blood and without a head. She was crying and shouting to her husband: ‘Don’t even dare to enter the house until you find your son’s head, you killed your own son! Hoo….hooo….’ Knowing and realizing the young man he killed was his own son, he was powerless…He grabbed the body, held it and cried like a baby…

But it was too late for him. Powerlessly, with the tears running like rain, he walked away to find his son’s head. Days passed by, weeks, months…still no sign of his son. One day with his agony, he sat under a tree near an elephant sanctuary, a place where the elephants go for their own funeral. Few moments later, he saw a young elephant wounded all over the body, yet his head was in quite a good shape. Shiva thought: ‘I am a killer. It is horrible to let this young elephant suffer for long and die’. So he approached the elephant, killed it and chopped the head. Immediately he put the head on his son body.

Feeling guilty towards his son, he first meditated and recited mantra, then added saktis to him and gave him two other arms. One arm representing the power of guardian, second the power of knowledge, third the power of spirituality and fourth the power of prosperity. After the ritual and mantra, Ganesh became alive again.

This is a legend that has a good message and wisdom in it. For you personally, believe in it as much as you want and profit as much as you need.

– Iyan –

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