Shift Your Vibration

There are a lot of yoga and meditation practices that we can adapt into our daily lives. One of them is consciously raising our vibration – physically and spiritually. It is important to become aware of the vibrations that we are sending out, whether at home, office, or in our social lives. Whatever we do, we are sending out a positive or negative energy every time. These vibrations come back to us manifestating themselves in our life.

We are able manifest our life events and circumstances through our intensions and thoughts. Therefore, it is important to have positive thoughts that make us flow through routines with joy. Making time to meditate everyday is one way to control and shift our thoughts to what we want to achieve, thoughts that make us feel better.

We become more open to new ideas, to thinking positively about ourselves without limitations and fear. Raising our physical vibration through yoga will make us healthier, allowing us to create healthier choices – spiritually and physically achieve our goals.

Practicing daily yoga and meditation with Jan Green is a great opportunity on the way to achieving these goals.  Her yoga and meditation classes are suited for everyone – all ages, levels and backgrounds.  Included in this retreat are daily meals, sunrise yoga, spa treatments and excursions. Creating blissful moments by awakening the physical body through twice daily yoga practice, calming the mind with breath awareness and healing the soul with meditation – combined with the powerful energy of Bali.

Retreat:  Yoga and Wellnes Retreat with Jan Green

Where: ONEWORLD retreats

When: 4-10 June & 24-30 September

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