Rachel Roberts

A spiritual leader for the modern era. Rachel Roberts is a sought-after public speaker, retreat leader and the founder of the wildly popular Yoga Bar studios based in the U.S. Perhaps Rachel’s greatest talent is her ability to offer ancient philosophies, rituals, and practices in a joyous way that fits seamlessly into our modern day lives. Through her retreats, she takes students to spiritually charged places around the globe, often during sacred ceremony cycles, creating experiences with long-lasting benefits for practitioners. Rachel has spent decades traveling the globe, searching the most auspicious places for practice – Bali is number one on her list and she has been leading retreats in Ubud since 2009.


Rachel's Retreat

Sowing the Seeds of Change

with Rachel Roberts  

A week of self-exploration in the most spiritually beautiful place we know. Discover Bali, dive deep into the ancient practice of yoga and widen your understanding of its healing benefits. Be immersed in daily rituals in a way that will have lasting benefits and inspire positive personal change.