Masha Ledina

It is a great honor to have Masha on our team. Her passion for cooking goes back a long time.   

As a continuously evolving chef, Masha shares the pleasure of the table in many different ways. She is an ambassador of Italian cooking and owns a cooking school for private small groups.

Her primary role during this journey is to feed us all in a healthy and fun way.

Masha said, “Italy is my great love and passion. For seven years, I have explored different parts of Italy to organize unique gastronomic adventures. Each adventure is personalized and never repeated, as people bring their own reasons for cooking—whether it’s a love for Italy, cooking for loved ones, or aspiring to be professional chefs.”

Masha's Retreat

Onwards Together

with Claude Chouinard, Wayan Partawan, Masha Ledina, and Emilio Spada

Cocconato – Piedmont – Italy | 31 August – 6 September, 2024 

Experience the joy of togetherness, a transformative journey focusing on trust, communication, vision, harmony and plain fun!