Emilio Spada

Emilio Spada is a cheesemaker and affineur who selects cheeses from small Italian producers and ages them to enhance their flavor.

Creator of Nux selection, he follows simple yet profound farming principles: free-range animals, a natural human-animal connection, and the use of raw milk. This process aims to convey the essence of the Montefeltro region through taste.

As an affineur, Emilio ages cheeses in various traditional methods until they reach their optimal flavor.

Claude's Retreat

Onwards Together

with Claude Chouinard, Wayan Partawan, Masha Ledina, and Emilio Spada

Cocconato – Piedmont – Italy | 31 August – 6 September, 2024 

Experience the joy of togetherness, a transformative journey focusing on trust, communication, vision, harmony and plain fun!