Claude Chouinard

Creating and offering happiness is Claude’s life mission. Living experiences and sharing his passion with others. He aims to show another way of living, one without pressure.

Claude himself went through a growth process, relinquishing his comfortable life in Canada to embark on a year-long spiritual journey in 1992. This led him to live on the road less traveled for almost eight years—along the way Claude realized his dream was to share his experiences with others. He settled down in Bali in 2000, setting up a day spa in Ubud, and then launched a retreat center in 2003. Oneworld Retreats has given people the opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and re-discover their true selves—without pressure and in an unpretentious yet comfortable and enjoyable way. The center has been visited by thousands of guests since its opening.

After having personally experienced the amazing healing powers of Ayurveda, Claude realized early in 2015 that it was time to make another dream come true and started the process of creating an authentic Ayurvedic panchakarma center in Tegallalang. In 2016 Oneworld Ayurveda opened its doors and has since welcomed and helped many guests from around the world. Oneworld Ayurveda has become South East Asia’s most respected Ayurvedic center known for its authenticity and life-changing results.

“Bali has great therapeutic powers to calm and heal with its distinctive people, breathtaking nature, and powerful energy.”

Claude's Retreat

Follow Your Dreams

with Claude Chouinard and Elisabeth Ungar  

For different reasons, many of us simple human beings visiting this planet for a short period of time have difficulties imagining living our lives to the fullest, often because we don’t really know what this actually means. This retreat/workshop is designed to discover the hidden passions within….