One Moment at a Time Continually Evolving

It’s a story about a young Indian man name Swetaketu, his father sent him to study in a remote ashram for twelve years. When he returned home his father deflate him;

“My son, go and pick a fruit from that Banyan tree,” he asked to Swataketu.

“Here it is, Father.”

“Split it open and tell me what you see inside.”Many tiny seeds.”

“Take one of them and split it open, tell me what you see inside.”

“Nothing at all, Father.”

Then his father said, “The subtlest essence of this fruit appears as nothing to you, my son, but believe me, from that nothing, this mighty banyan tree has sprung.

Now just sit back, look around you and find a simple evidence of magic you can see, look at any living subject, and now just take a moment to look at you, your body, your mind and your deeper self, you are pure evidence of the life’s magic, slowly like the seed of the Banyan tree, you have grown to be who you are, one step at the time, continuously evolving.

Actually, my point is that we are changing physically by the force of nature and I believe that we should also change mentally and spiritually evolving into a better person.

Traditionally New Year is a time for reflection and resolution… it is a time to look deeper, to leave behind bad habits or old patterns we don’t like, leaving behind unnecessary thoughts, behaviors leads to satisfaction. The difference between the Banyan tree and you is that you have the choice to grow into whatever shape you wish to be, the magic is that you were born from the same essence as the Banyan Tree.

– Iyan –

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