Never underestimate the power of your subconscious!

I’m sharing this, because I truly believe in the healing and powerful benefits of yoga. More so, I believe in the commitment of taking oneself through a journey of processing and letting go. This includes commitment to the “self” and taking oneself out of their everyday world.

My first Escape the World retreat was in 2008 and I had an amazing experience. So much so, that I promised myself I’d go again. I did so in September 2010. It was at this retreat, where I truly became a witness to the magic of life and the transformation that can happen, when one commits to healing, self-development and growth.

During the retreat, I noticed some major shifts take place, almost like weights being lifted off me. I shed so many layers and let go of quite a bit, without having had the objective to do so when I first got to Kumara Sakti for the second time. But something, beyond my comprehension was happening.

At the end of yet another beautiful retreat and on my way to the airport, I had a “funny feeling” that I would bump into someone I knew. But I asked myself “who could that be in Denpasar? I’m so far from home”. But I did.

I was waiting in the check-in line and I heard my name called out. I turned around to see standing before me, a very old friend of mine I had not seen in years; Mike. He just happened to be on the same flight, returning to Sydney and his seat was only 3 away from mine. As I had a spare seat next to me, we shared the flight home, talking non-stop for close to the entire 7-hour flight. What followed was a series of dinners, which later became dates, which then became love and now has become a family.

I turned 40 this year, and had led a very “single” life for most of my 30s! I’d surrendered to life and my destiny a long-time ago, so being single was ok. I’d reached a point that truly it didn’t bother me if I never got married. I had many friends and a thirst to travel so life was fun. You make of it what you will. What had hurt though, was the realization and acceptance that I may never experience being a mother in this lifetime.

Mike and I have been together ever since, nearly a year. We’re expecting a beautiful baby boy due 3 December this year and his name is Sebastian. I feel more blessed than I know how to express.

I had given up on many of life’s expectations, but I never gave up trusting in life! Funnily enough, this trust led me back to what I had once wished for!

Thank you Escape the World for being part of the journey… and it won’t be the last time I’ll be there again!



Image Credit: Flickr / Alex Rebosa