Inner Energy

About 17 years ago I met a professor of the medical faculty of University of Indonesia. He was interested in spirituality and became a stepping-stoneonmy spiritual journey. He also taught me an exercise called ‘auto inner movement’.

One day, as I was practicing this exercise in a park, an elderly lady asked me where I had learnt this tai chi. I told her that I had not known this exercise was tai chi. When I later asked the professor about it, he explained to me the two kinds of energy,chi energy and chakra energy. He reminded me what my science teacher had told me: Every atom has energy and is a form of energy. The body consists of billions of atoms.I understood that my body has energy and my body is a form of energy.

I keep studying, by practicing and experiencing the power of my mind. There are so many good books about this subject, and I love to read. The more I learn about the self, the more fascinating it becomes. The energy within us is so huge, however, most of us only use 5% of the power of our brain! What about other energies within us, then?

I wanted to learn how to rebuild the set-up of my mind. After I found what I wanted in my life, I started creating mind maps, by reading for observation, studying for contemplation and developing a new conception of the self for reflection. Then I took the actions, made the decisions and I did it with passion, by being persistent and believing in what I was doing! Every time doubts from my skeptical side arise, I recite affirmations to strengthen my belief in inner energy.

In the end, it is personal development. Who am I, what is the purpose of my life and what do I really want in my life? These are timeless questions for people who search for a deeper meaning of life, from Bima, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), Dalai Lama, Iyan Yaspriyana, to…you! We are on the same path, just with a slightly different destination.

– Iyan –  

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