“In our daily life it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy”. (Anonymous)

In the past I used to tell stories about my life expecting sympathy. I guess it made me feel good to hear people say, “O…poor Iyan” or “I feel sorry, Iyan…”. And back then, I tended to blame others for my failure. Instead of growing, I was getting down and becoming the victim of my self-pity. Today, I realize that I got help from people that were able to shake me up as they saw my potential. Their guidance and mentoring helped me and I guess I was ready to change and grow.

Reading books about people who succeeded to overcome their disadvantaged life lifted me up, inspired me, and I feel grateful when I compare what I have to what some people don’t have. Like Nick Vujicic who has no arms and no legs, or blind people such as Ray Charles and Andrea Bocelli. There are also autistic Temple Grandin, the late Helen Keller who was deaf and blind, and many more who face the storm continuously and with a smile on their faces.

I think being happy is about acknowledging our gratitude for what we have at the moment, for what we have done, for every success we achieved. It is by accepting the process and being in the process of our journey. Bob Willen, the disabled marathoner said “The process to get there is what makes me happy”.

Gratefulness is positive, happiness is positive, and people who are grateful and happy are positive people. Let us be the self-creator of our own happiness, get inspired by motivated and happy people. It is easy to complain and feel miserable, but now whenever I feel down, I go to the market and observe people who work very hard there, or I take a ride to the ricefields and look at the farmers or I visit an orphanage. These actions quickly makes me realize how grateful I should be for who I am.

Thank you for being part of my process!

– Iyan –

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