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ONEWORLD retreats was recommended to me by a friend. She told me I would love it and she was right! Everything was perfect - the yoga, meditation, the spa and the activities. The food was amazing (I would come back for the food alone)! I feel like I have been away much longer than a week. Thank you to Claude, Iyan and Wayan for making my Christmas and New Years so special. A special thank you to Ketut at reception, he was so friendly and so helpful and always greeted everyone with a smile - all the staff are wonderful and I look forward to returning soon.

Jo, Australia

Words cannot explain the joy and satisfaction I received by coming to this retreat. I flew half way around the world from Florida, USA for healing and I wasn't disappointed. Claude and Iyan plus all the ONEWORLD retreats staff, you were all amazing and so gracious. Thank you for filling us with knowledge about your country. Bali is a beautiful island. I would hope I can come back again next christmas. Keep up the good work. I've been in heaven for 8 days.

Andi, USA

I feel so lucky to have found this place. It has energy of its own. Everything was so planned out and taken care of that all I had to do was enjoy yoga and Ubud. The staff is the most professional, kindest and thoughtful group of people I have ever met in my life. I can't wait to take the things I've learned during the retreat home. Thank you for the best week of my life and for running this magical program.

Jaime, USA

Escape the world retreat was so well organized. A great experience from pick up at the airport onwards. A very relaxing and thoughtful retreat which will give any participants time to stop, reflect and relax away from our very busy normal lives. We received an excellent service by all the team at the retreat. Leaders and yoga instruction was not only on the yoga mats! Iyan and the team gave so much of their time and attention to make the whole experience the best it could be possibly be.

Elizabeth, Cyprus

Everyone needs an escape from the world at some point in their life. The ONEWORLD retreat center provides their guests with the opportunity to relax and refresh. Every need is thought of in advanced and taken care of by the staff. It truly is a dream of pure bliss!

Maggie, USA

This was truly a retreat from the world into a beautiful paradise, cultural excursion, and gentle yoga experience. The staffs were incredible, and ready to help with anything at anytime. We loved the spa treatments, meditation, and delicious food and we got to know wonderful people from around the world. Thank you for the fantastic experience.

Suzanne, UK

My experience of ‘Escape the World’ retreat is I stepped off the planet onto paradise. The schedule of my experience was a constant surprise and delight. I could feel the care and thoughtful planning in every element of my time here. My mind is calm, my body is relaxed and my heart is full. Terima kasih and see you again soon!

Dionne, UK

Iyan and team have curated an amazing experience with the 'Escape the World’ retreat. The yoga sessions cater to all levels of yoga practicioners and includes breathing and meditation work. In addition to the well-crafted yoga sessions, the retreat includes some incredible life experiences - the purification ritual at Tirta Empul, sunrise yoga overlooking mount Batur, and a walk through a traditional Balinese rice field. And to top it all off, there is a spa on site…simply heaven! The people were terrific, every meal wonderful and all just steps away from the energy of the Ubud center. Thank you Iyan, Wayan, and team for an experience I will never forget.

Michelle, USA

I need to heal, find ‘me’ again and I think this allowed me to truly ‘Escape the World’ and find some inner peace. I think this has helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and to work through some negativity. It was a fantastic group of people to share the experience with, in such a beautiful location- seriously a paradise! The yoga was challenging but that is exactly what I needed. I truly loved experiencing and seeing the Balinese culture and the day trips were amazing. Thank you Iyan and Wayan for sharing your yoga and Bali knowledge - you are both inspiring. And to wonderful staffs – all so friendly and incredibly helpful.

Kate, New Zealand

The retreat was surrounded by such serenity, happiness, care and commitment from the accommodations, little gifts, meditation, yoga, excursions and best of all the spa treatments, day of silence and closing ritual. The location was ideal, total serenity nestled in the jungle with views of rice terraces and sunset which was only a short transfer by courtesy shuttle to the hustle and bustle of downtown Ubud. I highly recommend ONEWORLD retreats!

Diane, USA

You can't put into words the experience you live through during the retreat. The connection with others and the connection with yourself improves and you feel instant peace the day you arrive. The attention to detail from everyone in the facility and the genuine care and professionalism is just terrific! I loved everything about the retreat and I love that it provided me with the opportunity to expand my self-awareness. Thank you all for a wonderful week and thank you for the amazing week! Paradise does exist.

Arriany, Venezuela

You can't put into words the experience you live through during the retreat. The connection with others and the connection with yourself improves and you feel instant peace the day you arrive. The attention to detail from everyone in the facility and the genuine care and professionalism is just terrific! I loved everything about the retreat and I love that it provided me with the opportunity to expand my self-awareness. Thank you all for a wonderful week and thank you for the amazing week! Paradise does exist.

Arriany, Venezuela

The staff provided great service and anticipate your every need. Much thought was given to giving us the best experience. The yoga was fabulous, with caring and knowledgeable teachers. It suited both beginners and advanced, building up throughout the week. A perfect venue - beautiful buildings and no annoying extra cost as everything is included and wonderful gifts as handy rucksack, water bath, and incense sticks were lovely surprises.

Alison, New Zealand

Everything about Bali and ONEWORLD retreats is magical. The people and staff are warm and welcoming, the views are outstanding and accommodations are beautiful. The yoga was challenging, but not too difficult that a beginner could not participate. Iyan and Wayan were amazing and made everyone feel comfortable. I came here alone in a group of strangers and am leaving now with friends from around the world. I would return in a heartbeat. Thank you!

Liz, USA

This retreat exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect balance between yoga, meditation and other activities. There was also time to relax and JUST BE. The food was also amazing! Thank you to Iyan and Wayan for your care and dedication. I feel I have grown immensely from this experience. It was a truly special time.

Janne, Australia

Every detail was carefully attended to without being over fussy or pretentious. The yoga was wonderful, the day of silence was truly special - it was a week that I will treasure. Honestly it was the best retreat and totally exceeded my expectations.

Sarah, Australia

Escape the world - a wonderfully accurate description. The room was beautiful - a heaven to a retreat to offer. The yoga was fantastic - Iyan and the two Wayans are so knowledgeable and patiently skilled. I loved it! The spa treatments were amazing. The activities and rituals were fascinating and incredibly amazing. The whole experience was out of this world!

Jane, New Zealand

I come to this retreat to unwind, de-stress, learn more yoga and escape my busy life and I got exactly all of that and so much more which is a beautiful surprise. This retreat is amazing and everyday I feel so blessed to be here. All the negative energy that came with me on day one has completely disappeared. I found happiness, zen, balance, and great positive energy once again! Thank you to Iyan for being a great yoga teacher and a friend, to Wayan and Tekok for the awesome spine massage and alignment; to all the wonderful and kind staff for taking care of me - you are doing a fantastic job! All I can say is this whole retreat experience was the best ever.


The retreat was fantastic, beautiful surroundings delicious fond, attentive friendly staff. Really exceeded my expectations. Five star treatments. Cannot remember the last time I felt this relaxed. I am truly grateful and would highly recommend this retreat.

Sherice, England

Truly a holistic experience not only in terms of yoga, but very reaffirming in the generosity of the human spirit. All your needs are considered, anticipated and met. Highly recommended for mind, body and soul restoration.

Paula, UK

My experience at ONEWORLD retreats has been unbelievably amazing. It far exceeded anything I could have imagined. It was a beautiful six days of spoiling my self and allowing time to think about my life, my goals and my future. Iyan, Wayan and Tekok all have a wonderful ability to make you feel very relaxed and welcome. The knowledge and assistance was invaluable. I felt very comfortable in the group regardless of my capabilities. They were always there to help and assist. The staff were amazing. The food is always tasty, using creative healthy recipes. I loved everything.

Joana, Australia

Boost - for the mind, body and soul to enter a path of life with improved quality and holistic fundament. The introduction to the Balinese history, and the further elaboration during the activities on the Balinese culture, Hinduism etc, was much appreciated!

Roland, Netherlands

A gorgeous setting that allows you to explore yourself and meet some fantastic people along the way. The yoga is great for beginners and Wayan and Iyan were amazing at pushing the more advanced yogis out of our comfort zones. Thank you to everyone here! I'll definitely be back.

Gillian, UK

I love it all - so beautiful, quiet, good and friendly people. The workshops, meditation, yoga, spa, rituals, accommodation, activities and service are so good. The friendly and sweet people, the little details, the healthy food and the pool makes it even more special. A real paradise!

Trienke, Holland

I had an amazing experience, which I got to share with a lovely bunch of people. The yoga was great and the staff really catered to your every need. The resort is set amongst such magic surroundings. It was a truly uplifting spiritual experience.

Jennifer, Australia

It is such a bliss! I came only for 3 days and when I saw this amazing place I decided to join the retreat and it was the best decision ever. It is just perfect to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, turn off the world outside, relax and think of your dreams. There is no better place for dreaming. And the workshops are just enough to set you in the right mood for it. The meditation, yoga with amazing and caring instructors, heavenly spa treatments, luxurious accommodation and healthy yet extremely delicious food make you feel absolutely wonderful on all levels of your body and soul. You get to meet great people and make new friends while you are in a dream together. And all the tiny details and service just make you feel" ahhhh", I will be back!

Mariya, Sweden

This is my second retreat at ONEWORLD retreats and once again it surpassed all expectations. Retreat is a misnomer for this experience because it is really about experiencing life to its fullest. If you are looking for an opportunity to recharge and re-engage in, you will find it here.

Rachel, New Zealand

I lack the words to describe how powerful, wonderful and empowering this retreat was. It is just as hard to express how thankful and grateful I am to the team who made this possible. I would definitely recommend this experience to anybody who needs to disconnect and ‘Escape The World’ for a while. This week has enabled me reconnect with myself; mentally, physically and spiritually. The magical atmosphere of the resort, the good vibes and positive energy of the team members as well as the synergy we were able to reach together made this experience unforgettable and enlightening. The yoga classes were very good. I really enjoyed each session. The spa treatments were exceptional. I appreciated the activities. The closing ceremony was an intense experience, a beautiful way to end the retreat. Overall, a fantastic experience! Thank you! Terima kasih!

Garance, Belgium

The experience was special as Bali has a certain kind of magic that you just can't find anywhere else. The retreat centre is lush and natural, perfect for an Ubud jungle oasis. The rooms are large and clean. The team members are helpful and accommodating, the spa treatments are superb. The visit's to the temples, rice fields & the volcano helped you to really understand the unique and traditonal culture of Bali. Namaste.

Marcey, Canada

The experience was just like the title of the retreat. A true ‘Escape the World’ retreat with all the extra delightful touches. The Silent Day and bike ride were a highlight. Thank you.

Karen, Australia

As a beginner to yoga I was a bit apprehensive, but Iyan and the team were great! Their knowledge, understanding and patience really helped me throughout the retreat. The attention to detail is second to none. The food was excellent and catered the different dietary needs of the participants. I would just like to say a big thank you to all of the team for making my Bali experience so memorable. Terima kasih!

Kieran, Ireland

I've never done anything like this before and Iyan, Wayan, Tekok, Claude and the entire ONEWORLD retreats Kumara staff made me feel at home. The resort feels like a spiritual haven. The yoga and meditation were amazing, the excursions were beautiful. Thank you for an incredible week! I wish I could move in.

Lauren, USA

The attention to detail and the kindness of the team members were heart-warming. Thank you so much.

Stephanie, Canada

Escape the World is what you will experience on your first step here. You will forget about the real world and put all your focus & soul into what really matters - YOU!

Irene, Australia

Wonderful and relaxing. The yoga is amazing. Thank you so much again for a wonderful experience. I will be back.

Donna, New Zealand

I just wish it could be longer. Thank you!

Louise, England

A beautiful experience. I feel so relaxed and happy. It was much more than I had expected.

Helen, UK

This was a 51/2 star experience

Crystal, USA

An incredible experience that will stay with me forever and which helped me on a new found path in life.

Nicole, Australia

Terima kasih. This was a very special experience. Iyan's words of wisdom were particularly inspirational - and the smiles, attention to detail and thoughtfulness of the team were memorable. I am leaving feeling truly nourished after escaping the world for a brief time.

Kim, Australia

A perfect encapsulation of Bali at it's best.

Samantha, Australia

The team members are exemplary, everything is well run and overseen, the spa treatments are heavenly, the beauty & serenity found here are nice and will forever be engraved in my heart, soul, mind and spirit. Thank you.

Angela, USA

It was a just wonderful experience. Everything was perfect. The whole team was always there to help you and friendly. The spa is just awesome. I totally enjoyed my time here. Thanks to everyone who made this trip unforgettable.

Verena, Germany

It truly lives up to it's name. I felt completely transported from my routine & stressful life. I found time to just let myself be as I am without any pressure or expectations. My mind feels cleansed. I am renewed. There was so much attention to detail by the friendliest & courteous staff I've ever came across. Thank you.

Nima, Australia

My second time around and it has been even more wonderful.

Beate, Germany

This retreat changed my perspective on life and how I want to structure my discipline of meditation & spiritual path at home. It left a footprint in my spirit.

Maribeth, USA

The retreat is amazing! As a beginner yoga practitioner, the teacher and assistants were so patient, understanding and anticipating of my needs. When I got a cold, they were by my side with tissues and medicine. When the yoga got too much, they showed me relaxing options. Overall this was a wonderful, life-changing experience.

Jennifer, USA

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Iyan Yaspriyana

Iyan Yaspriyana has the wonderful ability to live and enjoy the present moment. The combination of his Asian heritage coupled with his passion for yoga and meditation, has helped him reach a state of mind, which encompasses serenity and peacefulness.

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