Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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A perfect place and a perfect program to escape from the on tide, real world for a while, great food, wonderful people servicing every need with a gorgeous smile and the breathtaking surrounding are a reason to came back!

Martina, Germany

This is truly an escape to paradise. The whole team treats you like royalty and can't do enough for you. This is not just a yoga retreat it is a journey, a personal journey that has a beginning, middle & end. Each step at the way reveals more of you to yourself. I would recommend this journey to anyone and everyone.

Ketherine, Australia

As a complete beginner to yoga I was worried I would not be able to keep up but Iyan is such a great teacher (and Wayan!) and actually this retreat is great as an introduction to yoga as the setting is so inspirational + energy + support of the group helped hugely. This retreat was total escapism. But also gave time to think + reflect on how to tackle life + incorporate some Balinese joy in life at home. Thank you!!

Amy, UK

An amazing way to experience yoga, food, spirituality. A true journey of discovery everyone should experience at last once in their life.

Suzanne, Australia

The bike ride was my favorite activity. I enjoyed seeing daily life pass by on the road up close face to face with everyone. The children everyone say "hello" as you ride by and "smile”. Room 9 has a beautiful view of the ricefield, amazing shower and king size bed,lovely deck chairs. Wayan and Iyan made every yoga session fun - informative and best of all safe and challenging for my body. Thank you.

Cheryl, Australia

Life changing retreat! I loved every bit of it! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. You touched my heart and I will keep you there.

Annemarie, Netherlands

As a beginner in yoga, I found that although the yoga was reasonably intense that there was no pressure to push myself beyond my limits, while at the same time there was good encouragement to go that bit further. This is a delicate business and I think it was handled very well. There was no sense of competitive or "show off" poses.

Kevin, Australia

My stay was truly magical! The room was wonderful and I loved having the outside shower and bath. The yoga and meditation was just what I needed. The activities throughout the stay were very enjoyable and all the little details made such a wonderful week even more special. The beauty of the surroundings, people and everything in between made my stay enchanting, and I very much hope to return again one day.

Alexandra, Australia

The Retreat exceeded our expectations in pretty much every way. What a wonderful holistic experience! We were particularly pleasantly surprised by the wonderful cultural experiences, and the way the retreat offered so much more than just yoga and spa treatment. Having said that, the yoga and spa treatment were sensational!!

Ingrid, Australia

Magical experience, shared with like-minded people, gentle, fun. The most wonderful experience staff, food, yoga, and activities superb. Serene and spiritual. I wish I could stay longer. Thank you to all the kind and fabulous team at Kumara.

Anne, Australia

ONEWORLD retreats provided for an exceptional week of physical and spiritual experiences. The management and staff made this yoga retreat a source of lasting memories with their friendliness, dedication and attention to detail. Wishes and needs were fulfilled before even raised.

Sven, Germany

Fantastic retreat! Fantastic experience! Every imaginable detail was quietly handled so that our retreat experience flowed seamlessly. We are grateful to all the Balinese " angels " who graciously served us. Thank you so very, very much!!

Brian, Canada

ONEWORLD retreats have achieved a wonderful blend at culture, relaxation and yoga practice. Iyan and Wayan provide well-structured classes and thoughtfully consider every students individual needs. The Kumara staffs were attentive, accommodating and thoughtful, surprising us with a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten scroll on the day of our wedding anniversary. Nothing was ever to0 difficult for the staff. Their professionalism and performance underpinned the wonderful and relaxing environment that has been created at Kumara.

Andrew, Australia

Escape the world completely exceeded my expectation. I was able to switch off from the busy world outside and focus on nourishing my mind, body + spirit. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire team of staff at Kumara who were so very kind & accommodating through the heart. Thanks especially to the catering staff who were so accommodating of my dietary requirements. The staff tailored each treatment to accommodate my pregnancy, and to Iyan + Wayan for challenging me but also looking after me + my baby in each and every yoga class. I will recommend Kumara to everyone I know I am already looking forward to returning myself. Namaste! Thank you so much for a wonderful week.

Louise, Australia

I got more out of six days here than I ever knew was possible. The teachers, the staff, and the new friends - it was all so beautiful. This retreat was spiritual, powerful and consistently laughed harder with new friends and Wayan & Iyan that I have in a long time. The people - the place - Bali and Kumara really are heaven on earth. This experience is life changing amazing!

Christine, USA

It was like “heaven on earth." Our teachers was informative and with care. They helped me go deeper into my poses. I felt truly blessed at the holy springs. The Ayurveda treatment was amazing and the therapists showed great respect for me. The closing ceremony was certainty a healing in itself. Wow!

Trish, Australia

I had no idea I would enjoy the rituals, the purification, the day of silence and the closing ceremony so much. It was a memorable and beautiful experience in a very safe environment. Perfect if you're travelling alone or with friends (you will make some new friends during the week) and book an extra day before or after the retreat. Indulge!

Annemarieke, Netherlands

I loved being woken up by bells outside my room, it was a refreshing way to wake up & remember where you were & smiled. Wednesday would have to be my top day, sunrise yoga at the volcano and a day hill bike trip passing through villages! The silence day was an eye opener, I felt last at the beginning no phone, no music, no reading I freaked until I realized that life does exist outside of technology, so I spent the day writing, painting, drawing and walking. It completely refreshes my mind, body and spirit, especially after the "Chakra Dhara" massage. I felt I could float away into peacefulness.

Sharni, Australia

The retreat opened a door to yoga, meditation and my Self. I came here looking for a way to step back and find myself again. I did - with every spa treatments meditation and rituals during this week, OWR presented not only an inspiring program which gave great insight to the Balinese culture, but also made this special by th people that run, support, manage and live this place. I have never met so many smiling & friendly faces in one week. Bless the staff and the teachers who living this place to life and give it a heart open place. Big thanks to Wayan and Iyan who showed us, the inspiration, and side of yoga again - won't stop now!

Bettina, Germany

What an amazing experience. How two gentle men can lead a class to such challenging movements in mind blowing. Every single person challenged themselves emotionally and physically. Iyan in his lovely sing songs whiles suggest " and now we eill put our legs up the wall and our bottom here & our hand sthere" and the group all think" on yes that sounds wonderful " and all do it"!! The walk, the bike ride, the temple and the sunrise yoga are something I never would have done as a lone traveller. Thank you for the experience.

Delia, Australia

Escape the world was an incredible experience. Everything was so well organized and there was a perfect balance between yoga/ meditation/activities/ treatments at the spa and eating amazing food. As someone who practices yoga daily, I found the classes still gave me enough challenges and appreciated the gentle adjustments from Wayan and Iyan. The staff was all lovely and made my stay very relaxing. Thank you.

Sarah, Australia

Escape The World - that says it all when you cross the gorgeous threshold of Kumara Sakti. Everything from comfortable beds and beautiful soaps, all the way to the dining room, where you can relax and enjoy your incredible meal with complete trust that your meals are prepared with love & wellbeing in mind. As a trained Pancha KarmaTherapist myself, I can testify the treatment to be of the highest quality. What’s even better is when the therapist obviously loves and enjoys her work. And the yoga - well it's a yoga retreat so of course every session was nothing less than pure magic! Namaste.

Bryony, Australia

The astonishing good luck of choosing "Escape The World" is beyond measure. The attention to detail has been more than I could imagine. The informative and challenging yoga and meditation led by Iyan was suitable for experienced & inexperienced alike. The activities both physical & cultural rounded out this total experience. High quality gourmet food catered easily to all dietary needs. A treasure and memorable time which will be remembered with fondness.

Beryl, New Zealand

Immerse yourself in Bali was a delight to the sense, a sanctuary for peacefulness and reflection, and a classroom for exploring yoga and the depths of Balinese tradition, ritual, and lifestyle. An amazing experience!!

Clare, Australia

My first taste of Bali! What a wonderful way to begin. An insight into every special part of the world. Opening my eyes to another way of feeling, thinking and being. A VERY SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. You would want everyone to experience as you would like to share such a journey!

Debbie, UK

It's an overall great, great experience. Great yoga great teachers, wonderful accommodation, very nice and varied activities that let the guests see the real Bali, and last but not least, the best service and the best spa I've ever experienced!

Marjolein, The Netherlands

Such a wonderful experience! Wayan and the team are so warm and welcoming every session and activity was to my pace and needs. Cooking class and the bike ride were so much fun and a great experience to share with local families and new friends. It’s also perfect for solo female travelers. I have been challenged, pampered and have enjoyed every meals. I could do it again tomorrow! Thank you!

Michelle, Australia

This was my first time in Indonesia and my first retreat. From the moment I arrived I felt amazing, like I come back home after a long journey. Spiritual part of the retreat (going down into the water, praying, and Balinese offering) was beyond my expectation. I think I found myself again and am ready to start a new life. Wayan and Iyan are amazing. I enjoyed my conversation with Iyan throughout the retreat, I enjoyed Wayan's warming smile. And I loved the day of silence, Iyan's laughing and the bell.

Maria, Russia

It has been my third time that I did this retreat, and again it was a truly wonderful experience. The staff was extremely friendly like always. The yoga with Iyan was still amazing and I liked to discover the fantastic teaching skills of Wayan. Spa was top! The activities fun and the food.... well what can I say, just superb. After three time the magic opened again. How is that possible?

Sarah, Belgium

Escape the world yoga retreat. I came to do this retreat with my husband, for us to have a connection with yoga/ meditation together. To experience this as a couple was truly amazing. Everyday had something new to offer from the different yoga/ meditation classes, to the rituals, to the amazing food. We not only found a deeper connection within ourselves & each other. We also made a true connection/ friendship within the group. Thank you Iyan & Wayan for this experience & everything you have taught me.

Aleisha, Australia

This retreat was an uplifting experience. I came primarily for the yoga + the other activities & these did not disappoint. Wayan is an amazing practitioner + his yoga practice is very well considered & delivered. Of the other activities, they all were very special but I enforced & appreciated the closing (letting go) ceremony the most. The accommodation was very comfortable; the view from the room is very special. Natalie was an amazing host - very warm & knowledgeable. Thank you.

Susan, Australia

ONEWORLD retreats Kumara has the most powerful energy of nature that just puts you in the right state of mind, an environment to allow yourself to see within you to discover and hear the real you. The wonderful nature that surrounds the location and the gentle attentive of the staff of ONEWORLD makes for an extraordinary experience that no one should miss. Everyone needs to experience this at least once in their life.

Cheryl, Singapore

Kumara has exceeded my expectations for both the yoga sessions and the activities. There is a good balance of activities and never a boring moment. I enjoyed the day of silence as it really makes me reflect. The food and place were awesome too! It is a retreat that I would highly recommend!

Kheng, Singapore

It was a unique experience. For me, there would not have been a better way to get to know Bali. The retreat program is very well designed, everyday was different. The early morning Yoga at Mt. Batur followed by a cycling tour was the highlight for me. It requires certain physical to do all things and I am glad that I could come here before I get too old!!!

Misa, Japan

This retreat let me reconnect with myself. I enjoyed every second of it and the experience definitely over exceeded my expectations. I was amazed by the positive energy, kindness of staff and the perfect service. Yoga and complimentary activities are arranged to be a journey with ourselves and fit in naturally. Thanks to the staff and to the beautiful people I met!

Frederica, Italy

To me, “Escape the World” retreat was about discovering this amazing world created by Iyan, Wayan, Claude and all the other people working at Kumara Sakti and creating new happy memories. I enjoyed every minute of my time here. From inspiring yoga sessions and fantastic spa treatments to activities. I will treasure the memories of this week forever and I am sure I will be back someday. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

Nora, Netherlands

I find it difficult to put into words what “Escape the World” offers. The accommodation is superb, each room has its own unique qualities; I wish I could take mine home with me! The yoga is gentle enough for beginners and challenging enough for those with experiences. I enjoyed learning about Bali especially taking part in the Balinese rituals; those memories will hold a special place in my heart forever. I truly felt my spiritual soul lifted while taking part in the purification ceremony and I felt lighter and emotionally free after the letting go ceremony. What a wonderful way to end the retreat; combining all of these with spa treatments! Truly felt like I’ve been in heaven. Thank you, Kumara, you did not disappoint me!!

Cindy, Australia

Everything was amazing, so well balanced. It was great and I felt so connected having Iyan and Claude joining us for meals and activities. Accommodation was extremely clean to very high standards. I have been in hospitality managements; your retreat is one of them! Met all my expectations if not went higher. Met a great group of new friends! Location was perfect and food was healthy and tasty. All activities were well organized and very professional. Spa treatments were the best I’ve experienced especially the 2.5 Ayurvedic massage – truly heaven! Wayan and Iyan were amazing, caring people. Would love to come back! Thank you for allowing me to experience this retreat. Also, I must add; I am a beginner at yoga yet felt confident and comfortable around others of all different levels. Wayan and Iyan were excellent and with slight adjustment they teach the correct positioning – amazing!

Gabriella, Australia

I cannot express enough my gratitude to Wayan, Claude and Iyan, as well as the rest of the team at Kumara for the most beautiful experience; the stillness of the morning yoga sessions; the smiles and friendly faces of Kumara staff; the lush, tranquil, surroundings and the sensational spa treatments helped my soul find peace. The morning yoga session at the volcano and the cycling back through the beautiful Balinese villages were my highlight. All the activities and surroundings were carefully thought out to promote mindfulness and self exploration. The service was exceptional and the staff’s hospitality was unbelievable. I will never forget my experiences here and hope to carry what I’ve learned about myself and go deeper into my yoga and meditation practice. I am excited to tell others so that they can have this experience. Thank you!

Leigh, South Africa

No words to describe it. All were beautiful. Terima kasih banyak to all staff! I leave feeling happy!

Barbara, Netherlands

Perfect holiday to reconnect with myself. Yoga and meditation were challenging yet peaceful and restorative. Loved the Silence Day; first time in 20 years that I painted. Enjoyed the serenity and creativity the silence allowed. The spa treatments were bliss. The flower bath was a heavenly experience. Could have spent all day in the flower bath! I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and never used a chair. I thought this technique was fantastic. Having the second instructor to adjust was excellent too. Little adjustments can make a huge impact on the pose. Amazing holiday and hope I will return in the future.

Messina, Australia

The “Escape the World” retreat exceeded my expectations. I only started practicing yoga one month before. The retreat; I was a little nervous that I would not be able to keep up in the classes that were completely appropriate for people with all levels of experiences yet Iyan did a great job of offering modifications for beginners. The beautiful surroundings, relaxing spa treatments and delicious food only added to the wonderful experience. I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Dana, USA

This retreat was more than meeting my expectations! The yoga was challenging and modifications could be made for those who were less flexible and strong (such as the use of chairs, blocks, and straps). The spa treatments were glorious! It was fascinating to join rituals that were wonderful. The view from the balcony to the jungle was so peaceful. The food was outstanding! All in all, a great experience and one which I would highly recommend to others!

Ann, USA

Awesome escape out of my daily life! Great food that I will miss when I’m back in Singapore. Great job! Thank you everyone who make my stay so awesome!

Jason, Singapore

I didn’t much escape the world. I just lived in the extremely happy, wise, and beautiful one for the perfect six days. Truly eternally grateful!

Jim, UK

My stay was a gift for my 50th birthday. I had never done yoga before but I consider myself fairly fit. I attended all the classes and was amazed how much I could do in a short time. Iyan and Wayan were wonderful people; they were so helpful and caring. The accommodation was beautiful. I would lie in bed overlooking the rice paddies and the jungle. The food was amazing and they catered for me a gluten free diet. Very sweet! Tea, coffee and water were supplied in the dining room at all times as well. Will definitely be back.

Carol, Australia

This retreat has given me so much inspiration to go home and deepen my spiritual practice and my yoga practice as well as. Renewing my passion for eating healthy, nourishing food. Everything at the retreat—from the yoga, the food, activities to the staff was perfectly planned out. I loved the little touches as the staff remembering our names, leaving incenses for us to take home on our last night. Nothing was too much for the staff. Really felt like a home away from home.

Megan, Australia

This is a beautiful experience – tranquil, picturesque setting, courteous, well trained staff to assist. The activities are well planned with the intention to provide experiences of Balinese culture, a way different from Kuta experience. Hopefully the beauty of Ubud can be preserved. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Bev, Australia

I had a wonderful, relaxing, and meaningful time on the Escape the World retreat. The yoga was excellent. The staff were friendly and helpful. They were always checking in to see if I needed anything. The rooms were beautiful and clean. The entire retreat center was a beautiful place full of greenery and creativities. I will definitely recommend this retreat to my friends.

Joanna, USA

Pure bliss! This week, I have given myself a gift in terms of health, mental space and spiritual awareness. The food has been amazing and healthy. Yoga has been challenging, rewarding and has taught me more about my body. Meditation has been deep. The location is serene. The accommodation is A-grade. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend this place enough. Give yourself the same gift and visit!

Mahdi, Australia

The natural beauty of the surroundings and the wonderful people at this retreat created the perfect environment for total relaxation and reconnecting with your soul. Although I had never done yoga before and have some fairly serious health issues that limit by mobility, Iyan and Wayan adopted the yoga for me so that I could still participate and improve my flexibility. I loved the whole experience and look forward to returning again in the next 6 or 12 months, when my yoga skills have improved and I can learn more skills and movement.

Denise, Australia

The accommodation is wonderful and what makes the retreat, for me, was the staff. They were always smiling, so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. From the minutes I was greeted by my driver at the airport until my last day, the service of the staff was amazing! I am going home, very relaxed and well nourished, both physically and mentally.

Jacqueline, Australia

It was really a fantastic experience; the atmosphere was just right and the staff were extremely attentive to details. As for the meals, they totally dispelled any ideas that vegetarian meals have to be dull and boring. I'm looking forward to trying some of those recipes at home. The Silent Day lunch salad was particularly creative, striking and delicious as were all the meals! I came away with new insights into old questions after listening to Iyan and sharing conversations with him. Thanks to Wayan and all the staff who helped to make these wonderful 6 days!

Robert, Canada

I came here with no expectations, I believed that I was coming for a week of yoga and relaxation but what I got was so much more. This week really has helped me to “escape the world”. The setting itself is so beautifully peaceful, the staff were so accommodating and the room was so comfortable that it was easy to just let go for worries that I had brought with me. The yoga helped me to develop my practice beyond my expectations and I will go away with a renewed passion for yoga and meditation. There is no doubt that I will continue to practice both in my everyday life. The food was amazing, the activities and rituals gave an insight into Balinese culture and helped me to discover the true me. This week really has been something special. It is somewhere that you have to experience to understand just how special it is. My greatest thanks to the whole team and especially Iyan who made my time have run smoothly. I hope to be back one day.

Caroline, UK

I enjoyed the retreat as it was a good combination of yoga, spa/relaxation and a local immersion. The cultural activities were a nice touch and especially since they are led by locals. It's a comprehensive and well thought out program. The retreat leaders and everyone at the resort were great in helping us feel comfortable and get what we need - couldn't really ask more. It was also great having a diverse mix of participants, I actually learned a lot from the others as well. All in all, a very good retreat, I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Cordelia, Hong Kong

The staff of Kumara are all superb, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The spa treatments are carried out by well trained, professional therapists. The same goes for the yoga/meditation instructors; Iyan and Wayan. Meals are all delicious; healthy, varied, and beautifully presented.

David, Canada

This place is exceptional. A complete experience of second to none accommodation, food, ambience and yoga. As a serious yogi, I am always obvious when I read of packages that cater for all levels but the classes really were perfect for new comers and those like myself looking to be challenged. The resort itself exceeded all of my expectations-supremely beautiful. The staffs go beyond great service; I am grateful to have met many of the wonderful people of Kumara Sakti team and owe a great deal of gratitude to Iyan and Wayan for six days of learning. It is obvious why many people return-as will I!

Nadia, Australia

An experience I will never forget. Special thanks to Wayan for being such a caring and warm person.

Sini, Finland

I went to the yoga retreat unsure what to expect. I am a yoga novice. The retreat not only gave me an excellent yoga introduction but it also combined food and activities to complement the exercise. Excellent yoga instructor, catered for all levels, wonderful retreat staff. Superb retreat settings. Interesting company Ėthe other participants come from all over the world. It was hard to judge time. So restorative.

Anna, Australia

A perfect way to rest, recharge and "escape the world"-even for yoga beginners.

Jacqueline, Australia

You arrive with a sense of busy-ness and a hope for challenge and rejuvenation on arrival. The beauty and tranquility of the surroundings let you be calm and still. Goodness and positivity pervade you, restoring balance though mindful yoga practice. Anxiety dissipates and affirmations installed to give strength and allow life to change.

Christine, New Zealand

Great! Thanks! This is what I needed.

Lana, Australia

Thank you so much to Iyan, Wayan and all the staff. I had a wonderful time. I'm very happy with what I learned from the yoga class. At day one, I doubted how much I could do due to the back problem that I have. Five days later, I can do most of the poses as my back and shoulder pain has gone! The spa here is one of the best that Iíve ever had. The cultural experience is so special. The purification ritual on New Yearís eve was the best way to start the year with. Again, thank you so much for this special experience!

Bowie, Singapore

The escape the world yoga retreat allowed people to go at their own pace and experience, in whatever way they wanted to. I enjoyed the extra classes before and after the retreat with Wayan. The retreat leaders and all staff helped to create an environment where all guests could feel safe and the ability to share and release/let go with a calm and supportive group. Wayan and Iyan combined well and I enjoyed the adjustment to ensure correct poses. There was no pressure to do things, but encouragement to take on what you can and use you mind to help you achieve balance. I was able to overcome a chronic back, neck and recent shoulder injury at the retreat. I enjoyed the cultural exercise very much, including the Journeys, where I went to some beautiful remote places and saw some lovely things in North Bali. I will definitely come again, anything is possible.

Fiona, Australia

I was initially a bit sceptical about what I would take away from the retreat since I had never been on a yoga retreat before. In addition, my level of flexibility for doing yoga was quite limited. During the 5 days we spent on the retreat, there was not one thing that was not planned well. From the physical purification to the body revival to experiencing the local culture-everything was perfect. The staff at the retreat are special. They really treat you as a king/queen. I am leaving the retreat both physically and mentally refreshed and looking forward to the next retreat.

Mandeep, Singapore

I wanted this retreat mostly to help my mom learn tools to help her relax. For anyone who is a busy and stressed in his other daily life, this is the perfect prescription. Wayan and Iyan and the rest of the team were incredible. They provided an amazing atmosphere and amazing service. As for the spa, my herbal massage was great! The food was healthy, diverse and delicious. I don't know what else to say! It was a damn good vacation!

Emily, USA

The retreat went beyond my expectations. Somehow I managed to have time to do nothing and time to have inner reflection-while participating in daily yoga sessions. Many spa treatments and many aspects of the retreat I would not have had accessed to on my own. I know it will change my life for the better.

Karen, USA

Wonderful experience! I was surprised that this retreat was so different to the raw food retreat which I had attended. Both were excellent and this one exceeded my expectations. I will be back for more. Love meeting others from so many countries. Thank you Iyan and Wayan.

Marian, Australia

It was a wonderful way to start the new year. The retreat provides you with the time, space and atmosphere to reflect on the past, plan for the future and appreciate your mind, body, mind and soul in the present. The cultural activities allow you to the deepest of your own personal spiritual experience while learning about beautiful Balinese tradition at the same time. It was also great sharing this experience with so many lovely people from all over the world.

Sasha, Australia

This experience has been a real treat for me, to be looked after so professionally and given the time to relax and challenge myself too. The 2.5 hour massage treatment was amazing, the yoga was enlightening and the activities were fun and interesting. The staff were excellent and made everyone feel important and cared for as individuals.

Judy, Australia

The combination of physical and mental focus provides a great opportunity to be self-reflective. This truly a retreat that allows you to take care and restore yourself and have exposure to the true Balinese culture!

Helena, Australia

Again "Escape the World" was an overwhelming experience for me. Besides having a wonderful time for self-reflection and deepest insight, I felt pampered and looked after. I am still touched by the "meditation instructions", which poured directly from Iyanís heart! Thank you, dear. Tasting the New Yearís Eve with a Silent Day was IT!

Birgit, Germany

Amazing attention to details with food, accommodation and service. Some fascinating and sensitive introduction to Balinese culture and history. Best massage Iíve had in a long time. A thorough rejuvenation.

Claire, UK

Amazing-everything I expected and more a great breakaway for the busyness and more importantly the mind. I now really understand yoga and its healing benefits for the body and mind. Service was exceptional and always met with the smiles. All staff made the experience more special and made me feel special. Great teaching about Bali; the people, the culture, the rituals. Fabulous!

Kylie, Australia

I have had an amazing experience during the "Escape the World Retreat". It is exactly what I needed in terms of the wonderful combination of yoga, healthy food, cultural experiences and meeting with new people. All staff are lovely, friendly and very graceful. I am impressed as to how well organized the week is. Everything fits together so well. In addition to the yoga, I thoroughly enjoyed the bike ride, the spa treatments included as part of the package, walking through some of the villages, and learning about the Balinese way of life. Thank you so much for such a relaxing and unforgettable experience.

NN, -

This was my first yoga retreat. As an advanced beginner in yoga, Iíve found that the yoga sessions helped push my practice to the next level. Iyan and Wayan were wonderful and patient, offering encouragement and help where needed. The spa treatments were amazing! It was also great to get an insight into Balinese religion and culture though the rituals where we were able to participate in. The food and accommodation were both outstanding. The resort staff were friendly, accommodating and ready to help. I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone who needs to relax, recharge, or just wants to do heaps at Yoga!

Natalie, New Zealand

The Chakra Dhara massage is a truly wonderful experience. It is the best 2.5 hours treatment that you can have! Kumara sakti is set in a beautiful jungle/rice paddy that gives you a resting, relaxing, contemplating and renewing ambience.

Prue, Australia

All I can say is; you guys have done a fantastic job with this retreat! My experience has been terrific each day with the program. Glad I got alone to refine my yoga practice. More importantly, this retreat gives me a perfect environment to relax, reflect, refresh and recharge myself before setting out for my next goal and destination in life. Definitely will recommend it to my friends who need a break to meditate their hearts, rest their bodies, clean their mind or just escape the world for a few days.

Peng, USA

Amazing! Simply Amazing!

Nicholas, Australia

This was a wonderful escape from my usual hectic world and was exactly what I needed.

Jan, USA

Iyan, Wayan, Claude and the staff were absolutely exceptional and beyond expectations. Coming into this experience I did not know what to expect but the outcome was tremendous. Loved the mix of Balinese tradition with the purification ritual ceremonies, rice walks, offering creation and fire burning. We did things youíd never be exposed to as a tourist on our own. The sunrise volcano was a highlight and also the village bike tour! The yoga was powerful, basic and was allowed for introspection. The silent day and meditation time were powerful personal experiences. The spa treatments, especially the Ayurvedic massage, was world renowned. The staff; beyond pleasant and always with a smile. Truly a blessed time and feel wonderfully recharged!

Katy, USA

Wonderful experience! Gained confidence in my yoga practice, learned more about meditation, so nice to relax and have no worries, just being with friends, new and old ones. Spa services were of a high quality, every treatment was great! I enjoyed learning about Balinese culture and history and more of yoga and meditation! The whole retreat was such a positive experience.

Loralie, USA

Amazing experience! Iyan and Wayan are excellent instructors and the entire retreat is the perfect package; beginner instruction and tips to enhance your yoga practice while experiencing the beauty of Bali. Food was wonderful!

Christa, USA/Japan

The retreat is actually named from the moment we arrived; we felt relaxed and that we were in a different world. It was more than we had hoped for and we will never forget the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff and wonderful yoga program which catered to all abilities. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Kaela and Nikita, Australia

The experience was outstanding! I didn't knew what to expect, this is my first yoga/spiritual retreat. I havenít been doing yoga regularly and I don't study the spiritual world, however, with this, I never felt out of the place or lacking in ability. Iyan and Wayan made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Your lack of an advanced knowledge for yoga will be embraced and nurtured. The classes were all catered to everyone with poses and alternate poses shown. The schedule was evenly distributed between activities and free time. There was plenty of relaxation time for yourself and the spa. I leave the retreat very happy and relaxed. I recommend this retreat to everyone. Enjoy!!

Kerry, USA

When you want to know something more of what you are, of what the body loves to live, go to Bali with ONEWORLD retreats! Although you have read many books, this is not the same as it will become the REAL KNOWING from your own experience. It is a week of hard-working, so that you can dive, dive, and find your ONENESS!

Riet, the Netherlands

A nourishing treat, which truly escaped the world! Time for physical and mental well-being enhanced by beautiful surroundings, people and food! Awesome! Thanks to everyone who played a part in a truly memorable time for our family. You will all be friendly remembered.

Rossie, Australia

As a person who has done very little yoga, I felt very comfortable in the yoga classes and meditation sessions and I felt I had improved by the end of the retreat. The spa sessions were so relaxing and the beautiful rituals and cultural aspects of the retreat were truly wonderful. The accommodation and environment were very beautiful and the whole place was extremely relaxing in short. I really enjoyed my time at the retreat and my only wish is it was longer.

Georgie, Australia

Attending the cleansing ritual really opened up something inside me; an ability to feel the energy of that special place!

Simon, Australia

As someone who finds it hard to show themselves love, this week has been a blessing! Everything about the retreat softly allows you to care more and more for yourself with no guilt. No judgment or pressure on anything you do. This week allowed me to remember how to enjoy living every moment because life is beautiful and light. The staffs were amazing, wonderful people who were a joy to be around. With such a wide range of activities, the joy and peace gained from everything gave a great sense of personal pleasure and gratitude.

Micaelle, New Zealand

Iíve escaped the world only to reconnect with it. I am relaxed, more centered and feel ready to reenter the world with new knowledge and skills. The staff and facilities were so thoughtful and accommodating. My well being was taken care of in every respect that I could truly go within and work on me.

Andrea, Canada

The resort is an oasis. The verdant setting perfectly balances the yoga activity.

Jonathan, England

Fantastic experience, great yoga, outstanding accommodation, spa, interesting activities. Food to die for!

Linda, Australia

This retreat goes well beyond the physicality of yoga most of us know and practice in our lives. This retreat is about reawakening the soul. The focus on meditation and spirituality on the aspects of yoga, most of us donít dive deep into-because they are the most challenging, as they force us to go within. Our gurus gently guided us through the experience of meditating and reaching within. Also, the rituals, bike rides and walks, all exposed us to what Bali is as a place, and brought us closer to its beautiful people and understanding the soul of this island. This week has been an education and an experience well beyond just yoga education and an experience well beyond just yoga. A safe and sacred environment was created where strangers from all over the world were able to come together and six days later leave as friends. That shared deeper and more meaningful experiences than most us shared with close friends back home.

Mazen, USA

As a young man coming from a busy lifestyle, at a retreat like this, I had a few reservation as to whether I would find what I was after; how wrong I was!! These six days have truly opened my eyes, mind and heart. I came here following with only one year yoga experience and felt at home from the first moment. Iyan, Claude and the Team have created a magical place and it is wonderful to know there is a place in the world I can come back to, know I will be welcomed and at peace. From Iyan and Wayanís outstanding guidance, to the generosity of everything at the resort (not to mention the fantastic activities) this experience is something I will draw from everyday for the rest of my life. Without a doubt, I will be back.

Tom, UK

Iyan, Wayan and Claude, the whole experience of this week has helped me rediscover my inner smile. I couldnít have expected this as it has been hiding for so long! I canít thank you enough for this. Everything seemed to be timed and balanced beautifully; from activity to stillness to group to joy to challenge. In the place I live, everyone has a second name... mine is "princess"! (Yes, thereís a funny story about this!). This place has made me really feel like a princess. Thank you all and Kumara Sakti and Bali. Terima kasih.

Fiona, Australia

Enjoyment for the senses and wellbeing.

Veronique, Australia

Just what I needed now! So nurturing, pampering and good hospitality. Thank you.

April, USA

My second time at "Escape the World" yoga retreat and it definitely will not be my last. The personalized attention to valued guests is wonderful. The content of the retreat; from the yoga classes, to excursions and cultural activities, is so well thought out. The food is absolutely divine. Kumara is a beautiful and serene place to stay and I love the view from my balcony. The BEST part of my stay was the friendship formed with other guests and staffs at Kumara. I cannot say highly enough of the wonderful people at Kumara. Claude, Iyan, Wayan, you guys are the best! Oh, and how can I forget the spa treatments?! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Thank you all so much!

Marie, Australia

Yoga is well balanced for all levels, the staffs and food are amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend this retreat to anyone! Thank you!

Emma, UK

I could not improve this retreat. Thank you so much for accommodating us at as such late notice. This was so generous of you! Iyan and Wayan; youíre the best!

Chris, UK

A complete immersion into myself that gave me tools to help me to stay calm and peaceful in my real life. An amazing way to take time for me only.

Karine, Canada

Escape the World retreat exceeded my expectations! Everything from the challenges, meditation and yoga sessions, to the healthy food, to the indulgent spa treatments, to the activities-all pushed my senses to a higher level. The staffs created a very safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and self healing. I was grateful for the strong sense of community; among my fellow retreat participants, leader, staffs, and the Balinese people. I leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Balinese culture, which contributed to my deeper spiritual awakening.

Fiona, USA

It is hard task to summarize this retreat because, for me at least, it was full of unexpected marvels. When we arrived, I was delighted by the architecture, the setting, the organization of the physical space. I have not stayed in a more beautiful place than this indeed, it is rather difficult to think of any more aesthetically pleasing place anywhere. I knew almost nothing about yoga and had had only a few peremptory massages. "Escape the world" opened my eyes to entirely new bodily and mental experience. This may seem overstating, but the experience has been utterly memorable, unlike any previous one. I will not forget it!

Christine, Australia

Brilliant! Beautiful Balinese staffs, accommodation, food, and services. Actually, PERFECT! Total mind, body and soul cleansing.

Nicolla, Australia

How grateful I am to be able to keep coming back here. My soul, my love for everything, my equanimity are restored every time I returned here. I feel that God has smiled at me and said "you donít have to wait for heaven" and he allowed me to return here time and time again. I am so grateful to Iyan and Claude for bringing this "heaven" into existence. I am so grateful for all Kumara staffs that care for me so well, and give me their beautiful smiles. I am so grateful for all the beautiful people that I have shared this with and the laughter they have brought into my life. I am so grateful to be able to come to Bali and experience this wonderful paradise. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Namaste.

Jacqueline, Australia

This is indeed a RE-"TREAT" for myself. I loved everything about "Escape the World"; friendly team with so much dedication, comfortable accommodation, inspiring yoga sessions, heavenly spa treatments, food, the list goes on. The most precious thing about this retreat is I can meet like-minded participants and build lasting friendship. Thank you Claude and Iyan and Wayan for taking so good care of me in this out-of-this world retreat.

Judy, Hong Kong

I found my experience with ONEWORLD retreats at Kumara, to be enriching and relaxing. The yoga was challenging and relaxing, leaving me satisfied and comfortable. The spiritual and emotional journey was further enhanced by serene rituals and activities. I concluded my experience at Kumara feeling fresh and renewed....

Chadla, Australia

Truly an escape from the world! The retreat has given space to gain clarity of mind and heart. I felt very grateful to have found such a gentle, humble retreat leader like Iyan. Thank you to all the dedicated and gracious staffs of Kumara Sakti.

Julie, Australia

The planning of the retreat was exceptional; I enjoyed all aspects of the retreat. There was a perfect mix of yoga and activities and the accommodation and food exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much to Iyan and Claude. I walked out of the retreat feeling so much better than when I walked in. Thank you.