Deepening Your Yoga Practice

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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A wonderful experience in a gorgeous setting! I am very glad I did this for myself and very grateful to the team of ONEWORLD retreats for their wonderful job.

Vero, Australia

It is a very wonderful place to practice yoga as it is outside and in the jungle, which means we connect very strongly with nature. I improved my yoga asanas and would get deeper into them. The healer helped me to get rid of worries. It was such a wonderful experience. The two yoga teachers male + female were like a yin/yang to me also in their way of teaching. Wayan is more gentle and Janet more strong!

Isabel, Switzerland

The retreat was very well organized and a lot of attention has been paid to details. From the personalized booklet to the programs lined up, to the food selection and even down to the details of maintenance of the room such as drawing of curtains at down and ensuring the room is neatly made up. The yoga and meditation sessions were suitable for everyone in the group, despite the different levels of practice each individual might have prior to the retreat. The retreat instructors were able to give all of us ample of attention and the private session was particularly helpful for my own practice. The spa sessions included were a very nice touch as well. All in all, it was a great retreat. Thank you. Ps. thank you for the birthday flowers. I love them.

Jessica, Singapore

The retreat was amazing. The staff is phenomenal and willing to do anything to make sure the retreat meets your expectations. It's like a week of pure pampering, self-exploration and spiritual awakening. The activities are both culturally enriching and active.

Lauren, USA

The retreat was wonderful and enlightening. Yoga classes were challenging and instructed according to your level. I will definitely be returning.

Grace, USA

My experience at ONEWORLD retreats was of the highest quality from the moment I contacted the retreat. The service was efficient and considerate right down to the minor details. Yoga was challenging, varied, the instructors provided personal attention so I really was able to “deepen my yoga practice”. The food was superb, healthy, tasty, and energizing. Staff were lovely, helpful and respectful to guests’ privacy. I had an amazing time here. I feel restored, positive, looking forward to returning home and applying some of the techniques and knowledge I've gained here. I'm also looking forward to returning to another retreat in the near future. Thank you.

Marni, Australia

A great retreat – being my 3rd retreat, it had some different experiences which were great. I especially noticed several minors but important improvements since my previous retreats. Bagus. Thank you! I will be back. Namaste.

Marnie, Australia

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