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This retreat was exactly what I needed. The attention and care was evident by all staff from the moment I got picked up by the driver Wayan. The yoga instruction was excellent and the adjustments performed by Wayan & Iyan were very helpful in me being able to improve my practice. The volcano view was absolutely breathtaking and performing yoga in front of it was magical. The bike ride afterwards was a real highlight - I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to ride and stop at the small villages we did. The visit to the healer was my highlight - completely indescribable but absolutely incredible. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves!

Amy, Australia

I came to "Immerse Yourself to Bali" Retreat with a lot of expectations to find my inner peace through meditation & yoga in an amazing beautiful resort. It was site a challenge since I never tried meditation before. Wayan has been an amazing teacher, person and human being. But that was not all, we also did activities like the amazing Chakra Dara massage that I will never forget in my life plus learning and seeing the local people through the eyes of a local (Wayan) and eating and cooking with them. The kindness of any single individual in the resort, starting by Claude, Wayan, Iyan and the rest of the team make the stay unforgettable and the very nice people I met, calling them as well my friend now. Thank you a lot for this journey, I will try to come back sometime soon!

Mar, Spain

When I was first asked why I chose to do the "Immerse Yourself in Bali retreat", I wasn't sure - I thought it was to learn more about practicing yoga. I am leaving the retreat not only with fantastic yoga experience, but also with an understanding of the beauty behind Balinese traditions + culture. I am leaving with a greater understanding of myself and leaving after having made such wonderful friends. So while I wasn't sure when I first came here, I know this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself - and surrounded by such beauty! Further experiencing it all with someone as amazing as Wayan made it all so much more special. I cannot thank Wayan, Iyan and Claude enough. I will absolutely be back! Thank you and especially thank you, thank you, thank you to Wayan.

Isha, Australia

'Immerse Yourself in Bali' was wonderful mind + body experience led by Wayan who epitomize what a retreat leader should be. He has the spiritual and physical presence + knowledge and the patience and kindness to guide you through. EXCELLENT LEADER! We will come back!

Simone, UK

For me, my trip to the retreat was a trip to upload my batteries again and get some stress relief from everyday busy life in Amsterdam. That was exactly what I got and more. It was the first time I travelled by myself so was excited what to expect. The group of people was very diverse and from all over the world and one by one was amazing. Wayan the teacher is truly incredible. He is a perfect yoga teacher but also outside the yoga a warm, helpful and spiritual person. Iyan was great as well and made me smile. The balance of yoga, activities being with the group and by yourself is perfect. And of course the spa treatments where a bliss! I am definitely coming back!

Marieke, Netherlands

I had a great time at the retreat. The yoga was great and as a beginner I felt comfortable, as I knew Wayan was there with me every step of the way. The meals and quality of service was beyond my expectations - everyone was very polite & professional.

Isha, Canada

The Immerse Yourself In Bali Retreat was a magical experience. During my stay I felt e relaxed and motivated to balance and improve my general well being. The staffs were beautiful. It is an exceptionally personal retreat, where you traveling feel like at home and welcome. Thank you One World.

Amy, Australia

The overall experience was wonderful. I would recommend the retreat to my friends family or others. The spa facilities were 5 star, the food was lovely. The yoga & meditation was overall relaxing and informative.

Evelyn, Australia

"This journey was the most special part of my travels to Ubud. The facility is unbelievably beautiful. The rooms are so comfortable and visually breath taking and the treatment rooms are the most beautiful I have ever seen! I dream of my return to Kumara Sakti! Wayan was such a special part of the vacation. His yoga classes were perfect and the studio is the most amazing place to practice. The rice field walk we took with Wayan was educational, beautiful and the lunch at the end was delicious. I am trying to plan a retreat to Bali with two Los Angeles yoga teachers and you're my number one choice."

Debi, Australia.

Amazing experience! Wayan is an excellent yoga instructor. Beginner instruction & tips to enhance your yoga practice while experiencing the beauty of Bali. Food was wonderful!

Christa, Japan.

An experience I will never forget. Special thanks to Wayan for being such a caring and warm person.

Sini, Finland.

Wayan is amazing in teaching yoga - Ashtanga was new to me and I have learned to appreciate this style of yoga. Perfect location - lovely view

Alexandra, Netherlands.

Wayan - your singing voice + infectious smile I'll never forget.

Danielle, Australia.

Lovely escape which surpassed my expectation! Wayan is a professional + the human was appreciated during the many challenging classes!! I look forward to returning again next year.

Finuala, Singapore.

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