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A perfect setting to rest and recharge. The attention to detail is amazing and helps to make this a deeply relaxing + spiritual experience. Everything is taken care of - Thank you to all the lovely staff at Kumara. I sincerely hope to be back very soon! I will miss the gentle sounds of the forest, the lush green and the wonderful warmth! Namaste, Fran.

Fran, Australia

We had been before and liked it so much, we returned and found it even better - rooms improved - food raised to very high standard, overall excellent, we plan to keep returning at least once a year.

Roger, Turks & Caicos Islands

It was a great week of Yoga at a retreat in a tropical rainforest overlooking the rice fields in Ubud. I liked the spiritual rituals. Spa was awesome, food devine. True rejuvenation to body and soul. Thank you Vivienne and the team!!!! P.S. First night dessert in the mansion over the Balinese Customs was very special!

Inna, Australia

We both thoughly enjoyed our" pure yoga" retreat experience at Kumara Sakti. Thank you to all the fabulous, friendly, gracious staff who looked after us so well answered on many questions, nourished us with sensational meals, massage and pampered us at the spa with their with their beautiful energies and hands. Kumara Sakti resort is a beautiful place. we loved being on our balcony, able to just sit and rest, surrounded by lush and impressive gardens and views. A definite high light was the early morning trek up to Batur volcano area watch the sun come up. Doing our morning yoga here on the balcony/ terrace was magical, as was listening to Wayan chant a beautiful, moving prayer. Terima kasih banyak.

Ravi & Sophie, Australia

If you want a total escape from your busy, stressful life, and want to indulge your self in your love yoga, and develop a greater understanding of it, then this retreat is for you. You will also experience the real Bali. The spiritual, special area of ubud and the hills. enjoy relaxing spa treatments, lovely walks through rice field, bike rides and visits to ancient villages. A yoga sessions at sunrise looking out over the volcano is wondrous. The food is truly wonderful too. But most of all you get plenty of free time!

Christine, Australia

The entire experience has been amazing!

Kirsten, Australia

A beautiful setting, great service and magnificent food. Overall a wonderful yoga experience and a wonderful Bali experience.

Cara, Australia

Bliss.... I loved the food, not having to decide from a menu, beautifully presented + delicious. Balinese people are excellent at service. The retreat has idyllic views across a river to jungle/ nice paddies seen from our room, the yoga studio and the pool.

Kath, Australia

The accommodation and Kumara are faultless and pride in themselves an ideal "retreat" from the world outside. Vivienne is a masterful teacher who will unquestionably guide any persons yoga practice, irrespective of what discipline you have previously followed.

Ragni, Australia

1. Great initiation to yoga from a very competent and experienced teacher in a relaxing & breath taking. beautiful setting supported by genuinely friendly balinese staff. 2. Activities are designed to give everyone a possibility to discover the full beauty of bali first hand. 3. Spiritual experience & relaxation was best I have had thus far, the right balance to take away whatever one desires.

Michael, Australia

Day 1, What a view, Day 3, yoga muscles are finally selling in...Day 5, The yoga is great - but the activities are what make the place life changing I really needed this. A massage and floral bath during a thunderstorm topped off a truly memorable retreat. Thank you to Wayan & Vivienne for the best holiday I've ever had.

Megan, Australia

I loved the yoga program - great pace and flow! The view from the resort is magnificent and the staff is very helpful. The excursion program was great, we got to see a beautiful side of Bali (like walking through rice fields) which you would not normally do). We had a wonderful group of people attending which is always an important part of how much I enjoy myself.

Karin, Australia

I passed a wonderful exciting time in your resort. I had a fabulous time at Kumara.

Susanne, Switzerland

A healing, calming and amazingly beautiful experience—a must do at least once in your lifetime!!

Rajitha, Sri Lanka

I found the retreat to be restorative and a great help with my yoga practice.

Rolf, Switzerland

For a relatively new yoga man, I approached the week with a little trepidation; however, I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend the yoga retreat concept to anyone. Thinking, open minded, stressed, professional as a way of unwinding. ONEWORLD retreats provided an environment where this was easily achieved.

Daniele, Australia

This has probably been the most beautiful holiday I ever have experienced. The things I learned; yoga practices, traditional Balinese culture, and lovely food. Great company was perfect. All the staffs were very attentive and engaging but I have to make particular mention of Wayan who was always so incredibly gracious and generous—of his time, his knowledge and spirit. Thank you!

Lizzy, New Zealand

The retreat really exceeded my expectations. The yoga was excellent and very varied to suit how people were feeling. Everyone got a lot of personal attention and the opportunity to go to their maximum. The other activities were really interesting and valuable experiences that I would not normally have had the opportunity to access. They were great learning experiences done in a few way and I really appreciated that. I enjoyed learning about Balinese culture. Very much.

Lorena, Australia

Thank you for an experience! I will never forget the beautiful surroundings, fantastic room and amazing yoga teacher. I am very thankful. Most of all, a big thank you to your staffs that have been faultless and very kind and who have made the retreat a one to remember. Thank you Tekok for sharing your love of family, culture, and wonderful country. Namaste!

Karen, Australia

It was really good. The retreat staff and facilities are excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. It clearly is a very well managed retreat, with much attention to every detail. Tekok worked tirelessly for us and showed amazing patience and good humour.

Tim, Australia

I have never experienced anything like this retreat before. I felt like I was royalty as the accommodation, meals, staff, activities, treatments and yoga all combined to make this a truly memorable experience. I will be back.

Donna, Australia

Absolute magic! All services and yoga teachings were second for none. Tekok and the staff have the most beautiful personalities, with real servant hearts and able to provide us with much interesting information. Spa staffs were angels with magic hands. I have never experienced a holiday of this outstanding magnitude. Thank you for spoiling me better.

Susan, Australia

A perfect idyllic setting to focus on our yoga practice with individual and professional teaching from an accomplished Iyengar teacher with great food, cultural activities and spa treatments to pamper ourselves in between. Thanks!

Lena & Sonia, Australia

The Iyengar Yoga retreat is a complete holistic experience! Everything from the setting of the resort with the yoga hall opening out to the wilderness to the activities packed with the practice session makes it interesting. The spa treatment and staff of the resort ensure that we got a personalised and very intimate retreat. When I leave I take back happy memories and new friends enriching my life in this journey of life.

Wendy, Australia

Excellent experience - this is my second visit to a beautiful location in paradise. The yoga was excellent. Accommodation and facilities is excellent.

Laurie, Australia

My stay at Kumara Sakti Villa / Pure Iyengar retreat was restful for the soul, a time to focus on my practise with constant supportive guidance. Rachel took my practise to deeper level. The retreat, the staff, the surroundings combined to further my experience. During this time of looking forward we also had the opportunity to see how the Balinese people live and how they harvest the rice. I got to appreciate what it is. That makes the people beautiful from within. It is their belief to honour their God, love the people and love the earth. The peace from the within showed my first trip to Bali. Simplicity and elegance make for an amazing experience and perfect a yoga retreat.

Khaty, Australia

I came to this retreat with no expectations and I left with the world, at least it felt like it. Everything was pure perfection, the scenery, the food, the staff, the people, everything. After this retreat, I am more in tune with my mind, body and soul. I hadn't done much yoga beforehand and now I'm addicted. Addicted to something that enhance my statue and state of mind and I can't thank Rachel enough. I loved learning about the Balinese people. It's different to what I'm used to so it was an eye-opener to learn about. If I could do it all over again, I would do it multiple times. It also gave me a chance to get to know like-minded people from my home place and around the world. Thank you Kumara.

Marianna, Australia

The pure Iyenger Yoga Retreat offers just the right balance of yoga, meditation, relaxation, massage and spa options. In addition to this, the accommodation and services provided have been exceptional and the activities and rituals included have taken us one step closer to better understanding of Balinese culture. A magical and unique experience, you don't need to leave the retreat.

Claudia, Australia

The yoga retreat with Vivienne was an amazing experience, I have managed to push myself to levels I didn't think I would be able to reach. A fantastic group of people on the retreat of which is has been great to meet and spend the week with and what an amazing teacher Vivienne is. Overall a fantastic life experience, one which I will remember forever.

Lorna, England

A wonderful setting for a beautiful experience all aspects came together. The accommodation and service, the food offered at your meals. Teaching and practice at yoga was fully expressed. Spa treatments enhance the overall calmness of the retreat.

Marianne, Australia

What a wonderful experience, the retreat made me feel really good. It gave me alot of new energy, but it gave me also a very peaceful mind state. My sincere thank you to the whole team.

Eila, Switzerland

A unique spot, which I recommend to everyone, we had a wonderful stay here. Everything was perfect; the room, the food, the service and the spa treatments.

Miriam, Switzerland

The whole experience was magical and the staffs were amazing. Wayan was superb in his guidance on the tours and his information about the culture and traditions. It was very informative and enjoyable. I can't wait to tell my Yogi friends and would highly recommend this retreat. Vivienne was superb! What a beautiful country! Thank you all so much.

Deanne, Australia

This retreat was way better than I expected! Not being a regular yoga practitioner, I was not sure I would cope but Vivienne was amazing at working with everyone in the group at their level. I really enjoyed the yoga and I made sure I didn't miss a session! The other great aspect was meeting lots of people from all over the world and sharing this unique experience with them too. The activities and spa treatments made the whole week unforgettable. We had such a good time, we hope to return in 2015. Thank you Vivienne, Katie and all the team at kumara sakti.

Diana, Australia

What an amazing place and experience! I would highly recommend the retreat. Vivienne is a thorough teacher who pays attention to detail and works with each one of us according to our own ability. The staff are friendly, helpful and funny. Vivienne shared her deep yoga knowledge & experience, Wayan & Tekok shared their culture and humour. And thank you to all the lovely staff for making this retreat a really special experience.

Menka, Australia

All the little attentions are so fabulous. Merci, thank you, terima kasih.

Sabrina, Canada

A beautiful setting to do a yoga retreat.

Maxine, Australia

Vivienne is an amazing teacher and all the staff are lovely. Thank you!

Liang Chen, Australia

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