Flow through Grace Yoga Retreat

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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The spa was heavenly. The retreat was the perfect amount of yoga and meditation. Rachel's experience and her guidance allowed me to advance my meditation practice. I love the planned activities. It was wonderful being shown the things that make Bali so beautiful and special. I can't wait to return. Best of all to the two Wayan's who helped us and guided us through Bali. They answered all questions I had about the culture, were very professional, and lots of fun. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Jessica, USA

The entire experience was beautiful and powerful. I came here looking to find some down time and to have an adventure. I'm leaving feeling very centered and grateful for the gift of this last week, from the absolute beauty of the Balinese people, the tranquility of the resort, the relaxation of the spa treatments, to the amazing knowledge of yoga brought by Rachel and Andrea. I thank you all with my entire being.

Angie, USA

The Flowing Through Grace Yoga retreat is what you would imagine it to be like and so much more. Practicing yoga in such a beautiful setting with the most spiritual & amazing yoga teachers. Everyone should do it.

Sally, Australia

This is the life changing experience I was looking for. I received the kind of care and attention and support I needed to really open myself up to the incredible beauty around me and also inside me. The days in an atmosphere like this one really can shift your life in a hugely positive way.

Carina, USA

From first times to pseudo yogis, all participants were able to relax, restore, and rejuvenate at their own comfortable pace and level of participation. Rachel and Mer are a presence of unconditional welcome and acceptance. The most polite staff, clean facilities and glorious food in combination with the guidance of Rachel and Mer's spiritual and yoga exhibitions, the experience is nurturing in so many ways. It is priceless.

Trisha, USA

An incredible chance to meditate and practice yoga in a picturesque, relaxing setting. All accommodations are top - rate, allowing you to focus on the goals of the retreat to your most capabilities.

Amy, USA

We can't say enough about the quality of this retreat, the high level of care, compassion and attentiveness by instructors & retreat staff alike. during our week we did not have to worry about anything other than to focus on our yoga experience, relax and enjoy the experience. Thanks & love to Rachel, Mer, Claude & staff for providing us with a memory of a lifetime!

Brian Bev, Canada

It's been amazing journey! the reason I wanted to join this retreat was to get complete rest and being pampered. This retreat gave me exactly that I was looking for. Everything was well arranged, even the outing, biking, snorkeling. The resort staff are so friendly and helpful. The practice has been enlightening. I was impressed with the spiritual element in this retreat and how much calm peacefulness I got out from it.

Sheila, Hong Kong

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