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This was my second retreat at ONEWORLD Kumara. The time I spent at the retreat was just beautiful. The week of raw food has made me feel amazing - the knowledge & insight I have gained were worthy. The staff here are just so accommodating, just like in my first time here. The spa treatments are heavenly. This place is so far tranquil, peaceful and has much positive & uplifting energy. Thank you all again for a truly wonderful experience. I will see you again.

Marilyn, Australia

Thank you for the sincere care and nurturing I received while I was here. I felt like a treasured and cared for. I would like to give my deepest thanks to Wayan, Tekok,Natalie for supporting me as a beginner yogi. I loved it! I feel confident in my abilities now as I look for a studio at home. Thank you to all the staff - you were all lovely and amazing.

Nicole, Canada

ONEWORLD Kumara relaxed me from the moment I stepped onto the property. The staff and facilities exceeded expectations and the retreat certainly lived up to its names. I leave feeling completely recharged and reconnected. Very grateful for this!

Felicity, Australia

I came across this retreat at the right time in my life. It has allowed me to reconnect my mind, body and soul in a way I wouldn’t have known. The tranquility and natural beauty of the resort is the perfect setting to reinaugurate. Natalie's expertise of raw food permeates and Wayan's gentle kind soul and approach to yoga reminded me exactly what yoga is supposed to be about. I am filled with gratitude, love and peace that I hope guide me through my life in a new and renewed way. Namaste.

Monica, Portugal

The stay could not have been as wonderful without the warm and gentle services of the staff, from the reception to the yoga teacher, Wayan and his assistant Tekok and the spa therapists were exceptional and skillful. Natalie was so gentle and kind. I loved the ambience and calmness here, away from the buzz of downtown Ubud. I always felt so safe and looked after by the staff. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I share my blessings and merits with all of you and wish all of you a very blessed life. Namaste.

Joo Lee – Malaysia

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for this retreat but it turned out to be more than I hoped for. The staff were absolutely incredible and everything ran perfectly. The yoga session suited all levels and as a beginner I never felt awkward or embarrassed. We had an amazing group of women and our leader Natalie was brilliant. It truly was a pleasure in all senses. Everything was pure bliss! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an escape. –Jade, Australia So, so happy with everything the retreat & resort had to offer! Beautiful scenery, exciting adventures & amazing staff. Can't recommend ONEWORLD retreats enough!

Janelle, Australia

Six days of pure gratitude outside of the daily, stressful life. Six days where you can take care of yourself, you can slow down your pace of life, to learn to live in the moment and reconnect to mother nature.

Melissa, Germany

This was the perfect retreat, gentle yet specific in its focus on raw food. The food was inventive and visually outstanding as well as being delicious. Natalie was informative, supportive and her food preparation demonstration was wonderful. She was so knowledgeable on nutrition, superfoods, herbs and ingredients specific to Bali and widely available. The spa treatments are amazing, the staff very well trained and extremely efficient. Wayan, the yoga instructor was great and the early morning yoga at Gunung (volcano) Batur was a unique experience. Bike riding through Ubud, walking through rice fields and so much more - was so perfect and well organized. I will return.

Wendy, Australia

This is a great opportunity to get to know. The right food, experience raw food, superfoods. This is also a chance to pace yourself and open to know yourself, acknowledge the problems and limits. It provides great support and yet right amount of serenity to think. There is always a hand when you needed help and this is a place worth coming back to.

Amy, China

I don't want to go home! Why can't this be home? May the spirit and light of this place be forever.

Kylie, Australia

A truly unique and inspiring experience that rejuvenated my body, mind and spirit. The supportive and nurturing retreat leader - Natalie and Wayan were amazing in sharing their wealth of knowledge and opening my eyes to the world of raw food, meditation yoga and Balinese culture. The lush surroundings of the jungle and rice fields. The highlight for me was the silent day, sunrise yoga at Mt. Batur and bike ride to Ubud town. The partner yoga and dedicated meditation sessions and the ritual purification ceremonies marked the start and end of the retreat. The blissfully relaxing spa treatment and the dedicated, warm and friendly staff has made the stay a real pleasure. My body, soul and mind have been nourished by this beautiful sanctuary that has lasting impression. I will definitely be back! Thank you so much for a beautiful, educational, spiritual transformative week!

Emily, Australia.

I came to Kumara Sakti and left in perfect balance between meditation and being active. It has inspired me to progress on my yoga career. The closing ceremony brought out a lot of emotions that had been buried deep within my soul. I feel released of toxins, which I am forever grateful for. Thank you to the whole team for sharing your love, spiritual guidance and energy with me.

Deborah, Australia.

The experience was beautiful and transformational. I am grateful for this wonderful retreat and feel amazing after one amazing week here. Thank you.

Deola, U.K.

A completely amazing experience! I left this retreat feeling rejuvenated, energized, fresh and rested. The staff, location, amenities, spa treatments, yoga and accommodation were superb. I shall return again!

Elizabeth, Australia.

This entire experience has been incredible. Each spa treatment was amazing, the massure - spa team are very skilled. Natalie and Wayan are genuine and great at what they do. Overall, The relaxe intention of the week with the expectation of each person finding what they need was perfect for what I needed. I had been searhing for something and I found it during my stay in Bali. Thank you so much for what you offer.

Amy, United States.

I have no other way to describe this past week other then perfect. It was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had in every way. What you have created here for people like myself to experience is nothing short of magic. Gracias!

Clare, Ireland.

The beautiful, peaceful setting made the week rich yet empty - just what I needed. Indeed a holistic retreat that was only made possible through the welcoming, generous and very capable staff. The variety of activities worked all the senses and I look forward to returning.


ONEWORLD retreat is a fabulous way to reconnect with yourself. The staffs are amazing and so friendly. The spa offers a wonderful selection of treatments and they are all awesome. Everything about ONEWORLD retreats met my expectations and more. Loved it!!

Julie, Australia

A perfect balance of jungle and luxury for an upmost rejuvenation and relaxing experience vacation. The staff both inside the retreat and at the booths during the Balispirit festival were genuine and kind.

Crystal, USA

Taking part in a retreat at Kumara is one of the kindest things anyone can do for themselves! If you enter the retreat with an open mind and heart, the activities and food will give you many new ideas to ponder and take back to your life. The yoga, rituals and activities may take you out of your comfort zone but the beautiful spa, accommodation, service makes the transition so enjoyable. The combination gives you the inspiration and motivation to take many of your lessons home with Yoga.

Emma, Australia

A wonderfully relaxing time in a magical place! The accommodation and lush grounds are divine. The yoga was perfectly paced for me and such a beautiful outlook. The staffs seem genuinely happy. It was a week that I never wanted to end. Thank you all so much for creating this Oasis in such a busy world. I will be back.

Samantha, Australia

As soon as we arrived, we were totally blown away by the way this retreat blends seamlessly into the tropical jungle valley it sits in. Even the quirky shower and luxurious bath were a sight for sore eyes. Yoga was challenging, but still relaxing amidst the jungle. The spa facilities are also quirky and luxurious overlooking rice paddy fields to the north and private fish pond for couples. There were also quite a thought - provoking experience. Ultimately, this retreat is an ideal location to enable us to engage in some serious Havel gazing, if you'll pardon the yoga fun!

Craig , Australia

A wonderful experience to chill out, release and be at peace. The perfect balance of healthy eating, yoga and experiencing the culture of Ubud. such a beautiful setting and attention to every detail, thank you i will be talking about this one for a while.

Paula, Australia

An unforgettable experience, which every should try! The people are so beautiful and we have learn so much over the last 5 days.

Elle & Deborah, Australia

Hosts amazing, surroundings serene, facilities, special, the whole experience nurturing and enlightening. Balinese such beautiful, culture, and spiritual people and I intend to share some of that spirit with those at home.

Suzanne, Australia

A small moment in time that shifted everything.

Ingrid, Australia

Excellent retreat for me : 1) raw food meals were well prepared and delicious which I never try before. 2) The retreat center is well managed and staff are well mannered. And the activities are well organized. 3). This is the first time I travel on my own through internet booking. I feel like at home to me here as the group members and staff are caring and nice people.

Yoon Hun Loh, Malaysia

Bali I will come again, the staff. The staff here and everywhere we went were all friendly, courteous, happy and generous people. The retreat has been a truly memorable experience for me. Iyan , Nathalie, Sean, Wayan - excellent. All my experiences here at the retreat have been brilliant - and the other participants - all extraordinary wonderful people.

Jessica, Australia

The perfect way to rediscover who you truly are and nurture your soul in beautiful surroundings.

Jane, Australia

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