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Happiness is the overall result of this retreat at the end I smiled more and was much happier. I feel more energy, more motivation for life and the future. The best of the retreat was the Qigong and the 2nd the raw food which was succulent.

Stephanie, Switzerland

I cannot speak highly enough of Mark; this has been a life changing experience for me! I will be eternally grateful. Wayan’s food has been a joy and often the highlight of our day after Qigong. I will be returning next year!

Kim, Australia

Mark sets the tone with graciousness and ease. A wonderful facilitator and walks the talk. Fantastic food! I really would like to know what was in the food. But, I could not get to the kitchen. Although it seems easy, it can be overwhelming to make this food. The retreat feels “spacious” as the amount of activities is well enough and they’re slowing down for the “less hard”. Thanks, Mark, for your generosity, love and willingness to share.

Monica, Australia

Every aspect of this retreat was fabulous. As a single woman travelling alone who’s never done any sort of retreat before, I was unsure what to expect, but I felt completely safe, welcomed and comfortable being myself around wonderful people. The accommodation is stunning, the staffs are friendly and efficient, there is a perfect balance between private time and social interaction/activities and the food is absolutely AMAZING! Mark is a warm, gentle, approachable man with a radiant smile, and the thought and love he has put into this retreat is obvious. The days flow easily with interesting talks, delicious food and breathing exercises/meditation. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone. Its only problem is that it comes to an end—I don’t want to leave!

Emily, Australia

Thank you Mark and the team. This was a very special and unique retreat, which I would highly recommend. As a participant you will feel interestingly loved and supported from day one. Everything from the spa treatments, to lectures and meditation were conducted so professionally and lovingly.

Cheri, Australia

For me, it was special because it was the start of an eight week sabbatical. So, being under the guidance of Mark's never ending knowledge of raw food and general wellbeing was a blessing. The group was a great mix of people who all had different but so similar reasons for being here. It was a fantastic and absorbing way to start my journey of discovery. Thank you.

Karen, UK

The retreat has provided us with the tools and information to make our lives healthier and happier. Thank you.

Angelo and Linda, Australia

Beautiful retreat in a lovely and peaceful setting. The only drawback was construction noise during the days. The staffs are amazing, always friendly, caring and warm-hearted. The retreat itself with the classes and lectures given by Mark was enlightening and surprising. I loved many new things that I am planning to incorporate in my daily routine. The food was excellent, tasty and just delicious. I would recommend the retreat.

Martina, NN

I feel very relaxed and don't think I have ever been quite as rejuvenated after a holiday before. The staffs are so accommodating and warm. For me, it was a great insight into raw food. Thanks, Mark, for a great retreat. The therapies were wonderful. It was such a pleasure to connect with all the beautiful people who attended the retreat.

Francisca, Australia

Great location, ambience, and staffs. Nice big rooms looking onto the rice paddies. Lovely spa! Great yoga shala, lovely space. The staffs are very friendly, welcoming and willing to help. Wonderful raw food, sincere compliments and thanks to Wayan. It was a true labor of love!

Sarah, NN

A fun-tastic experience in beautiful surrounding with wonderful, kind caring people. I loved it and I will be back for a third time in 2013.

Vanessa, Australia

This has been a very special and memorable week in my life. Thank you to all connected in making this retreat possible.

Imelda, Australia

Can we just start with the spa treatments? Pure bliss! so relaxing & inexpensive - a real treat! and the scenery? Straight out of a fairy tale. So lush & green! And stairs like reel but they have or feel like a chore - more so an adventure! Now I'm not a vegan / vegetarian/raw person normally - I love hot apple pie with ice cream, meat / fish! - but the food was so good! Especially the chocolate balls, miso soup! That's right! you even get chocolate! The talks were so informative and Mark is so helpful& down to earth - he really makes you appreciates life! Lastly, our rooms were beautiful& spacious - each with its own “Quirk“. What more can I say? Overall blissful for experience surrounded by wonderful women (and Mark).

Morgan, Canada

The most amazing experience! We detoxed the body & the mind with delicious food & relaxation in the lush green jungle of Ubud. Thank you to the kind, friendly staff who always greeted us with beautiful wide smiles! I felt like a princess on this retreat & was highly impressed by the cleanliness attention to detail - that a ‘little extra touch” of a frangipani here & the lighting of our outside porch lamp ( Just to name a couple). The spa treatments were absolutely beautiful; I've never felt such magical hands. So relaxing & nourishing for the soul! Also the pavilion was a gorgeous place to breathe & do yoga surrounded by trees. I thoroughly enjoyed the movement & energy work from Qi Gong. This was the first time I had been introduced. Very interesting! and Lastly..Mark, what an amazing, warm, beautiful man with so much knowledge. Thank you for supporting us through this retreat & for sharing your light & wisdom. You made detoxing a dream. I loved, loved, loved this retreat1 Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm forever grateful.

Amanda, Australia

"Fresh Start Cleansing Retreat" exceeded my expectations. A beautiful location, you feel as though you are so far from the bustle of Ubud. You are surrounded by the sights & sounds of nature. The Qi Gong + Gentle yoga are ideal whilst detoxing it has been interesting, I hope to use the tools discussed. I appreciate the range or view + perspectives. The spa treatments were totally indulgent. The massages were fantastic the staff/ team were so obliging. The entire service team are very sweet and super efficient. It was great to experience the cleansing ceremony. Now never been involved in anything like that in my everyday life. It is so nice that people from all backgrounds are invited & included in this religious ceremony. I enjoyed the freedom of choosing to be involved in activities or choosing not to. It has been a wonderful experience. The location, the accommodation, service, treatments activities yoga, meditation, Qi Gong have all been better than I could have ever imagined. All of the people involved have been simply wonderful.

Emma, Australia

Very good, overall very enjoyable in all areas. Found all aspects, of this retreat very rewarding.

Lyn, Australia

A great way to start a new life. Excellent clear out. Surprising food - great information an overall worthwhile experience.

Carol, Australia

This week was the best I could do for myself. I felt the whole week very privileged to be here and have those extreme delicious food.

Heily, Netherlands

It was a great experience I felt more connected to the food & enjoyed the experience of eating very much. I especially enjoyed learning about the food/ nutrition.

Patricia, Netherlands

The choice of wellness treatments only the diverse and tasty raw food made to "fresh start cleansing retreat" on enjoyable relaxing & motivating experience. Thank you to everyone involved.

Michelle, Australia

Once more, a great experience with Marc leading this retreat. He is just the right and perfect person to host a Detox Cleansing Retreat offering row vegan food. This experience in this domain is just unique and outstanding! A little disappointing to find outside the noise level due to construction next door - which does not match with this beautiful place. Thanks for another great retreat in this little Balinese Paradise.

Constanca, Germany

Was a good experience. I met a lot of new friendly & nice women here in this retreat. I had a great time. Thank you so much. I'm happy, with the best wishes.

Veronica, Australia

A great alternative to "schoolies" for my daughter. Personally I needed the debrief after a big year. It really is a fresh start and perfect preparation for 2011

Marian, Australia

Thank you for a very special week. We are leaving feeling special and re energized and looking forward to venturing into the world of raw food when we get home. All the best for your future.

Sian & Melinda, Australia

A Blessing! Mark is a fountain of knowledge and Gabrielle the perfect addition. It was Simply incredible and i felt supported throughout the entire retreat, surrounded by sooo much Love.

Desiree, Switzerland

If you are programmed, this retreat will change you in many facets of your person & you will leave as a more complete, happy & integrated person. One of my special life experience.

Mark, Canada

My experience at the fresh start cleansing retreat exceeded my expectations. It was a total fresh a start for my mind, body & soul. Because of Mark and Gabrielle I feel ready to begin a new chapter with new knowledge, confidence and especially new friends. What amazing people you are, Mark & Gabrielle. You are great at what you do and here a real gift to help people! Thank you so much...

Aimee, Australia

Amazing felt like a different person after only a week. The cranosacral therapy was amazing. Have got so many great points to take away to make my life better. Thank you so much.

Zoe, Australia

If you are looking for a non invasive, yet very effective cleanse retreat. Kumara Sakti is the place to do it! The retreat center is an absolute "jewel in the jungle"! Everywhere you look you are treated to lush greenery, flowers and peaceful fountains. My time at Kumara Sakti was a joyful journey within - a great way to detox with other like minded people who understand the value of a cleansing program. Mark Ament is a top match professional who made my retreat one of the most memorable I've ever done. His experience and wisdom gave me the encouragement and inspiration to do things & would normally not try his wife Gabrielle was wonderful too - I loved it all!

Susan, USA

Whilst sort of prepared for the herbal detox & radical change in diet, I was pleasantly surprised at the holistic approach to general well being and a nurturing environment in which to explore spiritual & esoteric ideas. Well out of the realm of your typical “Aussie bloke”. Not only do I feel much better physically & mentally, this retreat has helped me to break some addictions, which I could not at home. Thank you Mark, Gabrielle & the team for making me aware of a whole new approach possible for life.

Mick, Australia

In a word: Wow!! Life changing and LIVE LIFE Inspiring!

Jeneane, Canada

The retreat itself was an overall great experience! A deep dive for myself in an unknown world to me –spiritual + energizing! Mark & Gabrielle made this retreat so special with their kind attention and ability to integrate people with different backgrounds and mindsets. Thanks for this great program - set in a perfect environment and hidden between rice fields - a beautiful and peaceful place where you can just BE!

Constanca, Germany

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