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Absolutely bliss!

Susan, UK

What a beautiful week it has been! I am about to step into motherhood in two months, and being here has been deeply nourishing, far beyond my expectations. Marije was a great leader and Tekok's support made everything amazingly seamless. I feel stronger in my body and I have made space in my mind. My quality of being radiant, in actual verbal sense. Thank you so much. I am happy and baby lentil is jumping for joy (I can feel it). Keep it up and be well.

Annisa, Australia

Excellent service. Kind and caring staffs, beautiful maintained grounds. A stunning setting for a retreat.

Megan, USA

I came for a rest and got so much more. The retreat is seamless and all the staffs were very skilled at knowing what was appropriate all times. I will recommend this to everyone I know. Thank you sincerely.

Jane, Australia

I did the Divine Bali Bliss Retreat. The surroundings, nature, views - perfect for this. The yoga and meditation were absolutely great. In one week your body already feels stronger and the mind more natural. Marije is very professional teacher. Service and spa - very comfortable. If you are doubting to book, do NOT! It is100% worth it in all sense.

Marleen, Holland

Joy, peace and loving kindness in the forest and rice fields. A place of magic and spiritual repose far away from my normal life. A program of yoga in body mind and spirit, guided by kind and beautiful teachers and shared with new friends who traveled with us on the journey. Hearing to the sound of birds and running river every day taking deeper steps into you through yoga and dance. Every meal on the table is bliss and worth a dozen photos, Everything possible done for us by staffs who treated us like royalty and whom it was an honour and a privilege to meet. Thank you to all, ONEWORLD retreats is out of this world. Mandalas, blessings, flowers and spa treatments that take you to heaven and leave you there and the smiles and loving hearts of the beautiful staff. Thank you, we will be back.

Lauren, Australia

A truly blissful experience in the spiritual heart of Ubud. ONEWORLD joyful yoga retreat awakens all of your senses in a magical setting. A week of new encounters, amazing experience, delicious food, tranquil moments, divine spa treatments and deep awakenings. Thank you, thank you to the staffs, Wayan and Marije for a truly magical experience in a very special and spiritual location.

Romany, Australia

Everything was just excellent! Thank you very much for such an incredible experience. Beautiful resort, friendly and lovely staff, very tasty food, remarkable yoga experience. The purification and closing rituals were very special. Highly recommend this retreat to anyone. Than you very much again.

Lena, Australia

I recommend Joyful Yoga to anyone! It's spiritual with focus on your complete body, but also a lot of fun. Everything comes together in this retreat and it just feels great. If you have no joy in life I think this is the place to start from. Feeling joy in this retreat is just natural!

Rachelle, Netherlands

The whole week was amazing! Beautiful people and a perfect stay. Thank you all!

Bernadette, Netherlands

The staffs are very helpful, friendly, great activities, good atmosphere food was good.


A simply stunning and beautiful week. It's the perfect blend of Yang Yin yoga physical practice, chanting and adventure, Balinese Ritual and stunning temple. A serene gentleness of this beautiful setting of Kumara, gracious, calm, and even smiling staff looked after me so well in their non-intrusive way. A week of no decision making - utterly rejuvenating.

Deborah, Australia

This is the first holiday that I've taken on my own. I was looking for a relaxing, safe and welcoming place where I could sleep, eat and reenergize my body and mind. I found this small place of heaven on earth where it's warm, friendly, but not intrusive, where I could listen to nature, laugh with wonderful people and enjoy a massage every second day. The yoga was challenging and taught by an experienced professional teacher who gave just the right amount of assistance. I will be back. Thank you for making my holiday just perfect.

Monika, Australia.

It was one of the most amazing and insightful things I have ever done for myself. Would highly recommend to anyone who would like to relax to get to know themselves better.

Mellisa, Australia.

I am sure that even grumpiest person will be happy and grateful after/during this retreat. Location and accommodation is amazing, clean, quiet, serene and looked well after. Spa therapists are nice and professional. Yoga teacher is really something, Wow! She is so real in every way; she's tailored and thought through every part of the day and classes. And on top of her competence, she is a really nice person, very helpful and mindful. I wish her life and practice always thrives in peace and joy! Thank you! Food is divine! Staff is nice and helpful too.

Lyudmila, UK

It was really great to see Marije, Wayan, Ketut and the rest of the staff again. Just as the first time I had another wonderful retreat . Well pampered spirituality and physically and taken care of. The yoga program was different from last time and I've learned new and meaningful lessons from Marije. I've enjoyed and have been spirituality touched just as the last time but in a different way. Marije is the best teacher by far! Retreat staffs were as friendly and attentive as before. Some of them even remembered me from a year ago, which made me feel like at home. Every meal was as delicious as I remembered. I thank every one of you for giving me another wonderful and unforgettable holiday. I wish to return again next year!

Kaho, Hong Kong

Everything was perfect - yoga and meditation teaching, gorgeous accommodation and professionalism of staff. Thanks to each and every staff member who makes this place so amazing - best resort I've been to in the world. Marije was a great leader and supporting staffs were also great.

Jacqui, Australia

Thank you so much for a truly amazing week at ONEWORLD retreats. Everything has been exceptional! You feel so taken care of from the moment you arrive at the airport where the driver is waiting. The staffs are very friendly and truly care about their work and the place. They put flowers everywhere and are always ready to help you. This has been an uplifting experience from day one and a truly blissful holiday for all senses. I loved the meditation and Yin yoga classes. I will definitely continue with this when I arrive back home. Thank you so much Kumara.

Guro, Norway

The service of the staff was very attentive and personalized, the food was incredible, so tasty and delicious all the meals varied daily were super nutritious. The ayurvedic chakra dhara massage has an out of this world experience: two and a half hours of pure bliss, I felt as if I was floating on clouds afterwards. The yoga was great, each day it became more challenging, the instructor was detailed in her explanation and hands-on for adjustments. I really enjoyed practicing yoga each evening to relax.


The staff at Kumara retreat are top quality & amazingly helpful. I have felt very nurtured & looked after. Our friend & guide Wayan (Tekok) has made my experience of Bali unforgettable & filled with spirit. He has a great way of creating the space & energy required to really absorb Bali spirituality. With his in depth knowledge of politics & community I have learned many things & will be eternally grateful for his open hearted, compassionate energy. Tekok is the reason I will recommended this retreat to all my friends. Thank you everyone at Kumara. P.S Wayan who took the closing ceremony has beautiful energy, perfect for holding heart space for a joyful retreat. Namaste.

Connor Ray Ritson, Australia.

The massage therapists are as good as anywhere I've been in the world. The food and service is wonderful, the service staff are friendly and always very helpful. Connor and I spent a great deal of time at the water temple with Wayan (Tekok. He is an intelligent man with excellent English skills. He taught us a great deal about Balinese culture and the Hindu religion. Every attempt was made by Tekok and the other drivers to help us in every way we asked. We are sure Tekok will be a great asset to your company with his PR skills and general competency.

Jane Ray, Australia.

I will write something I put in my diary on the day of silence. I am in this space of such 'prime' openness today. I feel like my heart is split and hanging out of my body. My armor has been stripped, my body stroked and stretched into a soft rubbery puddle of sun kissed love. I feel unafraid, untouchable, blessed. I feel an acceptance of all that is.

Victoria Walker, Australia.

What a blissful week. The accommodation, service, food and yoga was for beyond any of my expectations. This week was exactly what I needed. Time to refocus on what is important in life and to touch base we who I am. Thank you to Marije & all the team at One World Retreats for a truly amazing week.

Kim Bos, Australia.

I really had a wonderful time!! Marije is an amazing teacher and I enjoyed her yoga sessions and lectures very much! I feel very inspired,,, Thank you!

Nina Kascha, Austria.

I really enjoy the yoga retreat with Marije. She is very professional; she is experienced & knows what she is doing. It was great week of awareness. Food is delicious; I like the raw cakes & deserts. Service & staff are great. Always there (discrete) but efficient.

Johanne Vermette, Canada.

Absolutely outstanding! When can I book my next retreat?! The staffs were exceptional—everyone from the retreat leaders, reception and housekeeping staffs to the massage therapists and kitchen staffs were warm, kind and truly embodied; the friendliness and joy Balinese people are renowned for. I would highly recommend Marije as a yoga instructor and retreat facilitator. Her evident expertise in yoga, couples with her kind and peaceful disposition made the retreat an absolute delight. Thank you so much!

Gemma, Australia

Wow!! It has been a truly unique and special experience. Marije’s gentle and caring nature, coupled with her yoga skills, created such strong energy that made the Joyful Yoga Retreat III second to none. The staffs were fantastic, always smiling and friendly. I enjoyed every minute of my time during the retreat and in Ubud.

Sofie, Australia

Wonderful experience beyond yoga. Really joyful.

Chen, Switzerland

Joyful Yoga Retreat III is a well balanced sensational week in the paradise of Bali with yoga, meditation, spa, good accommodation and a friendly service, delicious meals and exciting activities for total relaxation.

Rita, Switzerland/Norway

From the moment of arrival until the last moment with the group, it has been one great journey of surprises, beauty and pleasures. My hand and body have never been treated so well during seven days in a row. An experience I will never forget that will cherish and I’ll keep it in my heart and mind. Thank you a million times.

Judith, the Netherlands

The retreat was a great experience in the first place because Marije is an excellent and very warm teacher. Yoga has never felt so comfortable to me before. The resort is just beautiful, the set-up in the rice fields is amazing, and the staffs could not be more friendly and attentive. A wonderful spa treatment and the group activities, such as snorkeling, were the cherry on the cake. The food was great too, and there were plenty of time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Big thanks to Marije and the team. I feel relaxed and energized and will certainly keep practicing yoga.

Evelin, the Netherlands

The staffs were all wonderful, friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed and at home from the moment I arrived. The snorkel tour was great, I admire the way it was arranged and the lunch provided was way beyond my expectation. But most of all, I admired Marije, who is such a wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate yoga teacher I have ever met. She made this retreat for me. Thank you all, particularly Marije and Wayan, whose presence was an added bonus.

Yvonne, the Netherlands

A great experience. The resort was very beautiful, capturing the tranquility of Ubud. Marije was a confident and caring teacher and I enjoyed the way she in-structured the classes to introduce and re-enforce a range of approaches. The retreat also made sure we had a great “Balinese” experience with all the extra activities. Finally, the staffs were wonderful, and always smiling. Wayan and Ketut, in particular, were fabulous.

Sarah, Thailand

A journey of a lifetime. A wonderful team and itinerary. Professional, accommodating, gentle, compassionate. Thanks to Marije, Wayan and all staffs at Kumara. I am very grateful for this experience and will most definitely be back.

Cherie, Australia

This is a yoga retreat with the added bonus of lovely surroundings, comfortable accommodation, delicious food and fun activities. There are just enough meditative practices to make it a serious escape but not too much yoga hocus pocus to detract from the physical benefits.

Moya, Australia/Thailand

For me, all the retreat of this nature begin with trepidation - stepping into the unknown. Who will I meet??? Will everyone get along??? Will the yoga/meditation/activities be challenging enough - or will I be unable to keep up??? will this be spiritual enough or too much??? Many question & fears. But the moment we ate together on our first right & shared a little of ourselves, i knew i was going to have a positive, rewarding & perhaps challenging week ahead. One look into Kristin & Marije's eyes and i could see their intention was pure & honest and that there would be no ego involved. It is clear these beautiful ladies have worked on & understood yoga & practice. Not only asana, but the other limbs of Raja Yoga. They have led us all gently on a journey of self discovery and I don't think any of us will be the same again!! The ceremony, little rituals & volcano visit with bike ride were all amazing. As for Kumara & the beautiful staff & amazing surroundings were synergists for the aspect of the retreat run by Marije & Kristin. Wayan's support, explanation & patience was never-ending, Ketut's willingness to help & share of his knowledge was endearing and Kadek's firm but loving hands were a welcoming gift in the Spa.

Kate, Australia

Kumara is a magical place and the opportunity to emerge yourself into this amazing environment while undergoing the life changing process of yoga, meditation, cleansing & prayer is a true gift to the mind , body & soul. Thank you so much for another wonderful week in Bali. I'd also like to recognize Marije's commitment and care to ensure that every aspect of the retreat was wonderful for every individual. Thank you...

Sarah, Australia


Gabriela, Spain

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of this experience. I have been blessed. So well organized, So well run, just the right balance of instruction, activities, free time. Staff - unbelievable!!! So helpful and kind.

Gillian, Australia

I enjoyed myself during this week of yoga, meditation, good food, and wonderful encounters with even more wonderful people. I will take those moments with me. Thanks to the 2 beautiful teachers who have intended their best to support our journey. You are both a blessing to the world. I am glad to have met you.

Sonja, Australia

The warmth of our farewell ritual reflects the beauty of our experience during this week. The going - inward of our yoga practice was balanced beautifully by the outings we took together. Heartfelt thanks to everyone at Oneworld retreats and our beautiful yoga teachers Marije and Kristin and Wayan. I shall never forget all the smiles I saw this week. All the hello's from the children who saw these weird tourists with helmets on riding through their villages and who took no offence. It helps me to let go of all the judgments I have been carrying. They went up in smiles at the letting go ceremony. Thank you...thank you... Namaste...

Yvonne, Netherlands

It was a wonderful first time experience of yoga retreat. Not knowing what to expect, i was delighted by the whole experience - the classes, the teachings on the practice, the other planned activities , the teachers, the location/environment, the treatments, the staff, and last but not least, the other attendees. There was a wonderful energy among us and i got a lot of it!!! A lot I am taking back home with me!!!!

Patricia, UK

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