The Six Senses Meditation, Awakening & Discovery Retreat

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A unique heartwarming experience in a heavenly setting. A joyous Balinese time sharing culture, food and chants. Thank you very much and my dream is to come back here.

Terry, Australia

A week of pampering, nurturing, and caring. A highlight of my travels!

Judith, Australia

This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The place, Kumara is very special and magical. The staffs; top quality. Food; yummy! Spa treatments; best in Bali (better than any in Aussie, by far). The retreat center; perfect for what I needed. I leave feeling empowered, uplifted and ready for the challenges ahead. Thank you so much. I will be back.

Brenda, Australia

Sublime collection of sensory, visual, auditory and spiritual experiences combined with spa and personal services from heaven.

Dorris, Australia

If you want to transform yourself and your life, this retreat is brilliant! Margo guides you through a beautiful meditation to help you grow and become more authentic. Everything about this retreat is superb; the activities, the service, the accommodation, the spa, the yoga, the food. The setting is magical. The staffs are welcoming and always smiling. The time at Gunung Batur at sunrise is powerful. It was a privilege to participate in the purification ritual at Tirta Empul. I absolutely love this retreat.

Joyce, Australia

An absolute heaven! The staffs made the experience a memorable one. Everything was special; the location, the service, the food, the spa treatments! Thank you.

Christine, Canada

This Retreat deliver on it's tittle : It leads to an awakening of the 6 senses & discovery of the color and textures within the breath. Thank You.

Bruce & Karen, Australia

This retreat is wow. Totally refreshing & energizing & invigorating it has awakening my senses and is so empowering for you to get in touch with your senses and feel energized.

---, Australia

The six Sense Meditation, awakening & discovery Retreat fulfilled my expectation. It was well organized with a good balance of meditation cultural experiences, spa treatment and free time. The whole week was one of complete indulgence for your self. The lay back approach was very much appreciated.

Lynne, Australia

Beautiful room, Beautiful experience, clean and friendly I did not get sick once.

Gay, Australia

I Found all of the above where very special I could not have asked for a more beautiful friendly clean scene. Place to have spent my week, this will stay in my thought for a long time to come and I will certainly recommending it to others. Thank you Again.

Diana, Australia

Powerful,positive,passionate & peaceful empowerment.

Glenys, Australia

It is a week designed, beautifully balanced 5 day. Encouraging enlightenment with subtle encouragement.

Dianne, Australia

I feel very blessed to have been able to participate in this retreat. The incorporation of Balinese rituals into the program, in such a beautiful environment, were ideal for releasing, liberating and replenishing my true inner self.

Susan, Australia

A great retreat for re discovery of oneself - thank you.

Patricia, Australia

Meticulously planned, executed + delivered! Thank you all.

Vicky, Australia

My third Margo retreat in 3 years, This retreat is just extraordinary, it is now essential to be here every year. Another level of understanding with each year. See you next year. Wow!

Lyn, Australia

Time stands still in this magical place.

Dianne, Australia

I could not fault any aspect of this retreat at all, from the friendliness + respect of all your team members to the superb food presentation, taste & variety & freshness to the planned excursions and last but certainly not least Margo's experienced facilitation, presentation & knowledge of meditation which was completely new to me. Claude your physical assets here are perfect for this sort of thing. Thank you very much all for making my personal holiday so enjoyable.

Vicky, Australia

Once you walk through the gates you need nothing else, you are in another world where you are surrounded by beautiful scenery accommodation & people. Let’s not forget the beautiful food!!! Yum.

Claire, Australia

Awakening to know I would really like to live my life thanks to great meditation sessions. Fantastic staff always ready to help with a wonderful smile. Thank you to all who made this a very memorable experience.

Susan, Australia

I didn't have any preconception of what I would experience and enjoyed the hide immensely. Initially I wasn't interested in the day of silence and found it to be all Margo promised. The retreat was also learning & discovering at every day a little a big miracle happened.

Siri, Australia

The staff were courteous, happy professional and could not do enough for us. No matter what was asked of them they would attend to it straight away always with a smile. - What a magical experience! From the moment you enter the gates @ Kumara sakti all the stress of the world is left behind & you feel like a princess in fact I have no idea what has happened outside my retreat, and what a fantastic feeling that is! Leaders and staff are amazing! Accommodation & meals incredible.

Anne, Australia

I had such a powerful experience. The whole retreat will be in my heart for every love to you all.

Hope, Australia

A dance with the Devine.

Jo, Australia

How do you describe Margo's retreat? Fantastic, fabulous & life changing. I'll see you again next year for my 3rd retreat. You are obviously getting this very right.

Lyn, Australia

A life changing experience.

Monica, Australia

The retreat was very relaxing and informative, I liked having a balance of meditation, yoga , Spa, Activities, free time. The staff was excellent - food, service, spa treatments, I felt so special, loved and cared for!

Lisa, USA

I can't wait to come back to Kumara Sakti and attend another " Six Sense Meditation, Awakening & discovery retreat " It was such a fulfilling and beautiful experience. Thank you. Miss Patricia.

Patricia, Australia

Tell people to come to it - you will be awakened & you will discover & experience everything you could imagine.


Good combination of body, mind + spirit. The treatments were brilliant for clearing physical blockages, whilst the meditation and guidance was powerful in reconnecting with my higher self. The food service + general nurturing topped it off. P.S Absolute beauty of the resort and gardens, was also very healing.

Kirsty, Australia.

The whole experience was truly amazing. We wish we could take the whole place and everyone home with us. Thank you for everything.

Carolyn and Tanya, Australia.

A true Balinese experience. Hearing from each of the proud people about their customs, traditions, family and life. I have learned much this week and will take home special memories of the smiling faces of the staff of Kumara. Sampai jumpa lagi, selamat jalan! Miss Margaret.

Margaret, Australia.

To summarize my retreat I wrote this: Have you ever been still enough in your life to sit + watch a leaf fall from a tree? I have. It felt slowly & then faster & then glided onto the ground where it lay still waiting for its next journey. This is how I feel right now, like I’m on the ground waiting for my next journey. I feel my fall from the tree was much more gruelling. Maybe I will be picked up in the very next breath of wind & blown over the patio balcony or maybe just gently blown along the ground for some time. I wonder if I landed on my back or facedown. This is what I need to decide on my journey to the ground. I choose face up + onward.

Julie, Australia.

Kumara retreat far exceeded any expectations that I had prior to arrival. All of the facilities are well maintained and clean. The staff are all happy, friendly, helpful and a joy to know. Margo’s activities were excellently thought out and presented.

Dianne, Australia.

This was an amazing journey. It has definitely changed my life. Thank you to Margo, Robert, Claude & all the staff.

Sandra, Australia.

This retreat was the perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries, reconnect with our higher selves and learn some of the cultural aspects of this beautiful country and its wonderful, gentle people. Margo’s attention to detail was outstanding. The activities outside of the retreat were informative & relevant. The spa treatments were divine!

Glenys, Australia.

What a truly magical place to “Escape the World”. The people and service here is outstanding, the yoga relaxing and a nice way to open your awareness and tap into the energy of Bali. The bike ride and walk through the villages was a highlight. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Serena, USA

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