Yoga & the Art of Compassion

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I loved the schedule, I thought it was excellent. I am not a morning person, but the bell in the morning was such a lovely way to wake up. I loved the morning yoga and the setting for the yoga; so peaceful and quiet. I loved the attention to details; the candles, the mandalas, etc. The food was outstanding; each and every meal. The art sessions were great too. I did a lot of self discovery during these sessions. I loved the view from my room and I loved my room. It was a retreat in itself. Chae and Diane were excellent teachers and I did a lot of personal growth. I am very grateful for the experience.

Lily, Japan

My whole experience in ONEWORLD retreat is amazing. I always like nature but this is beyond my expectation. Yoga was not always my 100% but after being here I think this will going to be something in my life. Meditation has been tough before my coming here—maybe because of the busy life! Now I am able to focus and take a deep breath—best on this practice. I always love art but never think I can paint! I really learned that everybody can be an artist if you put into yourself of doing it. Spa was the best! The staff was very friendly. Rituals were very serene. I felt I cleansed myself. Accommodation was good. It was all fun and great for all activities that were arranged for us. Service was exceptional. Love your place! Highly recommended!

Janette, USA

Even though I was a beginner in yoga, I never felt left out—there was always something I could try. The art class was creative and a great outlet to express our individual character. Highly recommended for everyone to try! You will discover wonderful people and of course discover yourself!

Megan, Australia

From the moment we arrived, the experience was magical. The setting was out of story book. The staff was amazing and the yoga and art were inspiringly. The thought and detail that went into this retreat were superb. The staff was top and the spa treatments were superior. Thank you everyone for being so friendly and kind and making this an experience of a lifetime.

Amanda, Japan

This retreat was the greatest experience for me! I was gently encouraged to reach outside my comfort zone, to try new things and it made the whole experience incredible! The service was excellent. The staff was so sweet and accommodating. The yoga teacher was very knowledgeable, encouraging and just a “bright light”, the art classes, were truly for any level—they showed you techniques to help your creative side come out. Loved it! The outside excursion, especially the downhill bike ride, was magnificent. I guess I will not find better place on retreat.

Christine, Japan

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