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The entire team at ONEWORLD retreats, Dr. Aparna and Dr. Joshi made me feel like a part their family. Everyone here shares their love and compassion to all around, creating a wonderfully trusting and highly positive atmosphere. I felt supported physically, mentally and spiritually, which is the true nature of Ayurveda. Thank you to all of you. It was a very personal and magical experience.

Rebecca, UK

This was truly a life-changing week for me. What an amazing retreat and resort to feel connected with nature again. The meals were incredible, so much variation and different tastes. The massages were so professional, good and respectful. Each of the staff were so kind and loveable. The Yoga was so pure and so easy to reconnect with your body again. Wayan has the most sincere smile I have ever seen. The doctors were so full of knowledge, passion and patient with us. You were truly so inspirational and not only did we learn about Ayurveda, we learned about yoga, about life, about our bodies, about letting go, living in the now. But most of all we learned to love and respect each other. And for that I am so grateful. Everyone should be so kind, so respectful and so pure like the people at this resort, the Panchakarma center and the people who helped this week. Thank you, I'll be back!

Rosalie, Netherland

Everyone was incrediblely warm and loving. It was a genuine atmosphere leaded by Dr. Aparna and rhe team to allow Ayurvedic medicine to be incorporated into our lives. I especially felt a genuine warmth and love from Dr. Aparna and the team and this was very special indeed.

Sing Mei, Singapore

This retreat surpassed my expectations. The professionalism shown by all involved is a credit to the retreat. The practical knowledge impacted to us means we should be able to incorporate these principles is our daily lives back home. Many thanks to all the wonderful team for making this stay helpful for a mind, body & spirit balance.

Ljube, Australia

Before joining this retreat, I didn't know much about Ayurveda detox and now I have just learned a lot and will try to lead my life in that direction. The detox menu was well balanced and was presented beautifully. The spa treatments were a total treat and a must. Wayan, the yoga instructor is the perfect teacher, knowledgeable and spirituality combined. I had a great stay and would recommend this retreat to anybody who wants to live a healthy life.

Michelle, USA

It was a great experience! The yoga sessions were amazing, the Ayurvedic doctor is very professional and improved person who has a lot of knowledge and an open nature. They have a highest level of the education and a medicine practice. All the people at retreat displayed courtesy and professionalism. The meal was held in a good restaurant (I was impressed of the taste and design of this detox meal!) I like the spa treatments so much because of the high quality, professionalism and "gold" arms of the therapist. I feel more open, regenerated, fresh and active. Thank you!

Elena, Russia

It was a great retreat! The yoga teacher, Wayan did a great job. He was gentle, taught us a lot of exercises and he kept his lessons very spiritual. Dr. Aparna was a serious, but also a very practical teacher with a sense of humor and good stories. Both teachers were very inspiring. The surroundings, the team and the massages were excellent. A lot of surprises during the week.

Marielle, Holland

The Ayurveda spa treatments were divine as were the deep tissue massage and foot massage. Excellent yoga teacher who demonstrated the asanas and pranayamas. Different yoga styles and asanas everyday. Highlight was the candlelight meditation where I actually saw the colours of 2 chakras! (blue and purple). The lectures with Dr. Aparna were comprehensive, practical and a very good way to explain Ayurveda to beginners. She is confident, supportive and inspires trust. The Purification at Tirta Empul temple was a unique experience to gain knowledge of the culture and Hindu religion. The rooms were clean, well equipped with a nice balcony. The resort is a beautiful place, in nature and is very representative of the Balinese culture. Thank you for the wonderful experience!!

Christina, Greece

The yoga experience was great and the detox was really effective, I felt so much better after it. The Ayurveda introduction form was really clear and has motivated me to go deeper. It is very professional and the detox was very safe and the doctors were constantly checking on us. The resort itself is gorgeous. This is probably one of my best experiences as a traveller. A great thank you to all the team at ONEWORLD retreats.

Laurence, Hong Kong

The actual experience of pushing myself in the yoga sessions, going through the preparation for and the detox itself was so much more impactful that I had imagined. The rituals, ceremonies, staff consideration of us and the variety of participants I shared stories with made the retreat a step change from what I could have ever anticipated. My life has been changed which is what I could to do and I have the tools and support to continue the practices I have learned.


Testimonial one month after retreat:
I am continuing to experiment and try the Ayurveda practices. I have found websites with recipes and also an Ayurveda book with practices and recipes. As you can see, food is still very important - although I have lost 15 pounds since the seminar! Indigestion is almost never a problem and I am enjoying how I feel. Thanks again!

Suzanne, Australia

I found what I was looking for. A very quiet and beautiful place, lovely team, beautiful room, amazing spa treatments and many more. Thank you Dr. Aparna for the advice. I loved the detox and silent day. I feel in connection with my self, I am recovered and my mind is clear and my body feels good. Thank you for all!

Jean, Switzerland

For me, my Ayurveda Detox & Yoga Retreat is a beautifully orchestrated journey that awakened my connection to the cosmic universe. I feel cleansed and purified physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What a magnificent and awesome start for 2017! Priceless!

America, USA

Soulful, reflective week with caring Ayurvedic professionals and enthusiastic staffs who always do everything with a smile, from check in and multiple changes to spa bookings. I met a lovely group of like-minded people from all over the world.

Arlene, United Arab Emirates

Thank you so much for this experience, I feel so much lighter! The staff is so helpful and friendly; there is joy and peace every where in this place. I would definitely recommend this to others.

Juliette, Netherlands

I have done yoga for many years but I have never had a teacher as inspiring as Wayan. In a very gentle yet confident manner he manages to challenge yogis of all levels. After every yoga class (even if it lasted two hours) people would simply stay sitting on their mats, completely relaxed and satisfied. Secretly hoping Wayan would continue with yet another different pose, chants, or breathing exercise.

Leonoor, Netherlands

ONEWORLD retreats Kumara is a beautifully designed resort. Each room is private and seclude yet with communal areas within spitting distance. The team members were kind and friendly, they give the resort a lovely ambiance. They are all very willing to help you, I felt cared for. Dr. Aparna and her family are wonderful people who are dedicated in spreading the words on the benefits of Ayurveda. They radiate health and joy.

Ella, Australia

I arrived at the resort late Friday night and woke up on Saturday morning only to finally witness the beauty of the resort in the day. As the retreat progresses, I feel that my body and mind are becoming lighter. I feel the ease that I was yearning for. I gain many experiences in just one week. Thank you.

Aimee, Australia

The Ayurveda Detox & Yoga Retreat exceeded all expectations. Wayan is an extremely gifted yoga teacher – it was a blessing to be taught by him. The Ayurveda workshops were very interesting, informative and practical. I learnt so much about health and nutrition. The doctors were very kind, genuine and helpful. The food was exceptional, it was a highlight of the retreat. The Day of Detoxification was a challenge but the outcome was rewarding, I feel fantastic afterwards. The whole experience was powerful, moving and life-changing. I’ve never felt healthier or happier.

Gabriella, Australia

An excellent retreat. I would highly recommend this.

Suzanne, Australia

The retreat is a personal journey that I would never forget. The attention to detail is everywhere. Thank you.

Valentina, Australia

Itd"s a cozy retreat group from all walks of life – pretty much men and women including New York bankers, London lawyers and seasoned yogi’s and vegans from Australia and Europe. Over the next seven heavenly days we experience twice-daily yoga, meditation, ricefield walks, Ayurveda meals tailored to our ‘dosha’, a day of detox with the highpoint – a glorious day of pure and astounding silence where we force ourselves to detach from our digital devices as another pathway to presence. For those seeking to live a more harmonious life and in tune with nature, others and themselves then Ayurveda is undoubtedly a health system worth exploring.

Judy, Australia

Imagine. Imagine the scent of frangipani and gardenia. The taste of spices and exotic fruit. The slight of lush jungle vegetation interspersed with blossoms. The feel of sun on your skin, coiled by a continuous breeze. And the sound of water, constantly flawed, punctuated by unseen cricket. In this setting which pandered to our five senses we learn about each corresponding element. This is what Ayurveda is all about.

Nora, the Netherlands

A great gift for yourself, giving you guidance to live a healthier and happy life!

Nathalie, the Netherlands

I came here with my future wife and an unborn baby to build, refresh, explore, holistic healing paradise new ways of life are overall health for me, my new family and out future. I was feeling close to myself, my family, nature the ultimate energy of our universe and each living thing. I am truly grateful for this week and for all who participated. We will be back!!

Paul, USA

Id"ve found in one week exactly what I was looking for from Europe. Very well organised. It has been a week to discovered, relax, learn and be treated in an exclusive environment. The accommodation is provided with all facilities and detail focused in helping to enjoyed the retreat. All the staff is completely gentle and you can feel that they like what they are doing. The knowledge acquired with dr. Aparna definitely has impacted into my lifestyle, teaching us information very useful for better quality of life. Id"m going back to routine full of energy and good vibes. Thank you so much to all of you. I will always remember this experience in Bali. Bali again is magic!

Gina, Spain

The consultation helped to validate the health choice I already make.

Michelle, Australia

Dr.Aparna is very knowledgeable and kind. I enjoyed learning about my pulse result and ways to address my Vata imbalance.

Yen, USA

It was very pleasant and Dr. Aparna gave me many goods ideas of how to improve the quality of my life and even health, although I am a very healthy person already now, to take with me back home.

Eila, Switzerland

Made me feel or express things I was not aware of and helped to put a few things in perspective. The Ayurveda consultation was also informative and made things clear around what Ayurveda was about and what our approach should be.

Aniko, Hungary

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