Pilates & Stretching retreat

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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The retreat 'set me up' with certain changes that I needed to do after my presort lifestyle. My challenge is to ensure that I do not ever back to the 'old days . Anthony and Kym gave me a new dimension in life, that with time and energy will give me a better healthy and rewarding life. It will take away with me many memories, and a long with this daily 'Affirmations'. My sincere thanks go to 'all involved'. Thank you once again. N.B - Would love to open our home to all our 'new friends' anytime.

Peter, Australia

Everything was beautiful looked after, my health, nutrition, and the views are spectacular. The staff were very professional and a delight.

Belinda, Australia

Excellent! Anthony is amazing!

Kym, Australia.

The Pilates was challenging, the people were fascinating, the food was delicious, the staff were lovely, thr accommodation was comfortable. It was perfect Ė Thank you!

Bridie, Australia.

As a Pilates instructor and studio owner I never have a chance to do my own Pilates workout so I thought doing a Pilates retreat would be a great way to do what I love as well as being in beautiful surrounds. The Fitzroy Pilates retreat was perfect, I learnt new exercises + stretches, the classes were fun, Anthony accommodated for the different levels of the participants Food great. The Pilates retreat is a definite highlight of my Bali visit. I would recommend it to my clients.

Lucia, Australia.

I found the Pilates retreat very relaxing. It was active without overdoing it. I didnít know Pilates but was surprised to feel that it was such an overall body workout. I felt muscle pain where I never knew I had muscles! The activities and the accommodation are highly recommendable. I was alone on this retreat, as were many others and this was just such a good way to be alone but also together. Anthony & Kym are two very nice and professional people. Thank you!

Thea, Suriname.