Bali Retreat

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!

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I expected it to be the experience of a lifetime and it still exceeded my expectations. The place, the people, everything was so amazing. And Andrea’s yoga was the beautiful core that held it together.

>Carla Stoelting, USA.

Being here with Andrea Marcum was the biggest treat. Everyone enjoyed the intensity and also space to relax….. All and all an experience I will treasure for a lifetime.

Julie Pilat, USA.

The quality of yoga instruction was exceptional. And while Andrea is obviously an advanced instructor and practitioner, she makes the beginning yoga student feel welcomed, encouraged, and challenged.

Shirley Mason, USA.

This yoga retreat totally delivered! We got to have a fabulous vacation and do yoga every day. What more could you ask for!

Gina Viola, USA.

A complete adventure touching every aspect of your heart, body & soul and ending in pure bliss.

Julie, USA

Simply amazing - life experience that exceeded all expectations.

Brian, USA

Andrea's classes are always delightful surprise. This trip took it to a whole new levels of mastery, intensity - and most important - fun. All set against the back drop of the jungle yoga studio & sights, smells & sounds that make Bali a culturally enriching place to visit.

Phillipe & Scott, USA

A beautiful place for a beautiful practice.

Stephanie, USA

The best experience I've ever had. They are no words to describe all. The different activities, yoga practices, and cultural events, It was all a beautiful dream that I will held very close to my heart.

Fernanda, USA