sukheet kaur picture Sukhjeet Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and retreat leader
Certified Kundalini Research Institute (New Mexico - London) Kundalini Yoga teacher and Bach Flowers Remedies registered Practitioner BFRP (Mount Vernon - UK)

Based in the South of France when she was 18, Sukhjeet wanted to be Herbalist. So she started her studies in Biology and was convinced it was the right direction for her future. But one day she had the opportunity to become broadcaster on the TV and radio. She stopped her studies, changed her mind and really enjoyed her new career as an artist working for Radio France and France 3 (Paris). As an addition to her communication skills, to have more fun and elevation in her life, she directed towards dance, ballet, Hatha Yoga, Chi Kong and Tai Chi practice.

Then another big challenge occurred. She fell in love with Amjila, her Soul Mate. Then she gave up her career and left France with him to go to South America. That was brilliant to discover different cultures in the Amazonian jungle! But life’s conditions and climate became too complicated to keep up. 7 years after, Sukhjeet got health problems. They left this country and settled together in UK, closer to her daughter.

She had a serious surgical operation followed by a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, always in England, she discovered the Bach Flowers remedies which brought back her to life. After her recovery with an absolute confidence, she trained for 3 years at the Bach Centre, in Oxfordshire. She got her registration as BFRP. The same year she completed her knowledge with the Alfred Vogel Institute (Worldwide known Swiss Naturopath and Herbalist) and became a Herbal therapist.

Finally, her main Blessing meeting was with Maya Fiennes (a famous International Kundalini Yoga teacher) who inspired her that Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan was the right path to follow. So Sukhjeet trained in London with Shiv Charan Singh, the Founder of Karam Kriya School. She became a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and has been blessed by the 3HO as Sukhjeet Kaur which means “Princess for Peace's Victory “.

Today, Sukhjeet applies a unique approach to emotional healing and self-awareness, using her training and experience in KY. For each chakra or level of consciousness, she uses specific Kundalini techniques, which focus on postures, mudras, breathing, chanting mantras and meditations.

In her method, Sukhjeet combines the ancestral knowledge of Kundalini Yoga as taught by unique Master Yogi Bhajan, with the Tibetan tradition of self healing. By introducing Tibetan intuitive Pulse into her teaching, she opens a whole new dimension of yoga practice.

amjila picture Amjila, Tibetan healing instructor and retreat leader

Early in one’s career after having achieved his Medicine Ph D, Amjila realized very quickly orthodox medicines limits and started alternative ways. He undertook studies in Eastern Traditional Medicine and has been graduated from Paris Institute of Acupuncture, which was his first introduction to the Eastern traditionnal medicine approach.

But he already knew that there is “something else beyond” the simple medical conception and he decided to carry on his quest about Body-Mind-Spirit trinity. So he travelled to India, China and Nepal to go deeply in this Eastern approach. His first meeting with a great Master was with Swami Muktananda from whom he received “Shaktipad” which is an initiation of Kundalini awakening. More than initiation it was a quite powerful and absolutely unforgettable experience which changes completely his approach and understanding of that we call “Energy”.

But his real and ultimate turning point which definitely changed his life, was in Nepal where he met Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, the last Tibetan Master of the Nyingma Tradition (from whom he received his nickname: Amjila). Amjila stayed closed to him for years. He followed his Teaching and received an initiation related to Hands-on Tibetan Healing and the use of an ancient and secret type of Pulse which allows a precise assessment of our inner Energy.

Today, all of his practices, teaching techniques and workshops, are centered on the discovery and specific use of this Pulse, for re-balance the flow of our Energy, always in continuation and respect of all the Tibetan teachings he received from Khyentse Rinpoche. Through his practical knowledge of Pulse taking and hands-on healing, Amjila focuses on balancing energy flows and polarities within the main energy centers and channels, giving life to all the traditional Tibetan way of healing. Today thanks to tantric lessons he received from his Master, his method directly links with and complements Kundalini Yoga practice as taught by his wife Sukhjeet Kaur.

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