Martine Bounet

Martine Bounet is a certified yoga teacher. Born and raised in Bordeaux, France, she also lived a long time in London, UK. Here she was able to combine the two big passions in her life, yoga and wine, and to attain great command of both. She greatly enjoys sharing her passions and combines them in her daily life – practicing and teaching yoga and meditation as well as acting in diverse roles in the wine business. Her philosophy in life is that one moment not lived is a moment lost.

Martine's style of yoga does not refer to any one specific school of yoga but rather expresses a range of varied teachings. She taps into the expertise she has gained in over 15 years of practising, paying hommage to the great yoga and meditation teachers she has been working with.

Martine Bounet's Retreat

A Life of Balance

It's all about balance, on one hand the yoga and meditation bring you closer to the Self, on the other we do not forget to have fun and play also, to enjoy ourselves.
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