Dr. Aparna B.A.M.S, M.D, Ph.D.

Dr.Aparna (BAMS, MD, PhD) is one of the few specialists with a PhD in Ayurveda. She is dedicated to spreading the ancient wisdom of this science of life to the world, keeping it truly traditional and authentic.

Dr. Aparna was born into an Ayurvedic family and grew up seeing her father Dr. Padmanabhan successfully treating numerous patients for over 35 years. He runs an Ayurveda Panchakarma hospital in Kerala and was awarded Best Physician by Ayurveda Medical Association of India. Thus, Ayurveda was incorporated into Dr. Aparna’s life from a young age and she fell in love with this ancient holistic science and decided to pursue further education in the field. She was presented the Jivaka Award for her outstanding academic performance during her studies. Her post-graduation research thesis on rejuvenation therapies in Ayurveda was selected as the best thesis in her college. She did her PhD in India’s pioneer Ayurveda institute, the Gujarat Ayurved University. Her PhD was on the role of yogic practices and Ayurvedic medicine in generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

Dr. Aparna has presented papers in numerous Ayurveda seminars within and outside India as well as published articles in various academic journals. Her main fields of interest are mind-body medicine and Vedic medical Astrology.

She is married to a dedicated Ayurveda doctor, Dr. Abhishek Joshi (BAMS,MD,PhD). Dr. Aparna moved to Bali with her husband who was appointed as the chair of Ayurveda in Universitas Hindu Indonesia, Bali, Indonesia.

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