Understanding Yourself

When I was a kid, sometimes I played school with my friends. I chose to be the teacher. I liked science so I imitated our science teacher teaching us the process of the rain. I drew a picture of ocean water evaporating, going up to the sky, and becoming a thick cloud. The cloud turns into drizzle, flowing down to the mountain then into the lake. Some water is absorbed by roots of trees in the forest; some continues to flow underground to the river. Before reaching the ocean, farmers use the water to irrigate their rice fields. And then the circle continues…

I’m actually the type of a slow learner; I can’t help it, even though my mom was really impatient about it. The way I learn something always takes time, just like when I learned to understand the process of the rain.

So, I figured that, the first thing I had to do was to understand myself, and accept myself, then start a project to overcome my “handicap”. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t know how to deal with my slow learning. So from elementary school up to the second year of university, I was trying to understand myself and how to make myself just slightly equal to others!

In the third year of my biology study, I found some friends who were similar type of learners as I am. I also spent more time in the lab. With these friends, we did it like what I did when I was a kid; we acted like the teacher, teaching each other. The result was that we could understand the subject much deeper!

I think that sometimes all of us need to experience being slow learners. To stop reading dozens of books or becoming spiritual shopaholics. It is better to try to experience ourselves, to contemplate and to reflect. To understand what our life is – not just intellectually understand it but to go deeper. Then we will understand and I believe that our life will become better and richer.

- Iyan -

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