OWR Diary: May 2012

Amazing to say this now as it has a very different meaning than it used to have – what I mean is that I remember the newsletter I used to write in the 80′s, before the magic of Internet appeared, and it is not so long ago.  I am fascinated and often in total awe when I see with my own eyes what people have been able to think of and come up with online; it is as though there has been an evolution of intelligence in the past ten years that surpasses my comprehension as many other things do! I am amazed by the fact that I, sitting here in my Bali jungle, am able, if I want, to communicate my message to millions of people just by pressing a few buttons! Amazing World!!! 47,000,000 Facebook users in Indonesia… remarkable! Our younger generation is savvy with buttons!

It is April, a beautiful month to live here in Bali. It is getting a bit cooler and the sky is clear blue. April in Ubud started with the Balispirit Festival, an annual event that has seen remarkable growth this year. There were people from all over the globe in the streets of Ubud and it had a pleasant atmosphere.  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made this event possible.

There are some great retreats coming up in the next few months – the perfect time to visit Bali, refresh the mind and the spirit. There is something in the air on this island that is cleansing and healing.

Hoping to see you soon,


- Claude -

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