OWR Diary: June 2014



Reaching our dreams, objectives or goals gives us a sensation of victory and it makes us feel good and successful, allowing us to believe in ourselves no matter how big or small the dream was. The feeling of happiness prevails.

Believing in the process is the most important part of success. There are millions of stories that could be told about reaching goals and we all have some, starting at babyhood. It doesn’t take long before a baby has the dream to stand up on his/her own and walk. Without doubt, we all succeeded to reach that first dream, haven’t we? And since then, we have realized many dreams up until now.

Being doubtless is being a believer, yet sometimes as we become adults we don’t really know what to believe in or what we really want for our life. Finding our passions is cruciall; what is it that we really want for ourselves, unless we know we can’t reach anything, can we?

Iyan, Wayan and I will be hosting the Follow Your Dreams retreat/workshop in August, it is a program that we previously offered abroad, first in The Netherlands, then in France and in Thailand. This time we offer it in Bali!

Read more about this retreat on our website.

Wishing you a great day, every day!

Claude Chouinard
ONEWORLD retreats

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