Living Your Dream


“Are you OK?”

We are often asked this question and we usually answer the same way as when they ask us ‘how are you?’. ‘Fine, thank you’ is the common answer. But sometime we ponder about the answer. It happened to me and probably to you as well.

Sometimes my mind creates other questions, and in the end I am confused. Am I really ok I ask myself?

Actually I am very OK! I have what I want, because I know what I want and most often I do what I like, because I know what I like. For example, traveling, I wanted to travel and now every year I have the opportunity to travel. I wanted a career that I love, such as teaching, coaching, storytelling, inspiring, motivating, and being surrounded by nice people with beautiful souls. And now I am doing exactly that. I wanted to have a balanced life physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually and I have it.

The first time I flew by plane I was 29 years old and said to myself: “finally I can fly”. At 38 years old I visited Australia and I said to myself, ” Now, I am traveling the world”. And after 10 years of leading retreats, I say to myself “I am never bored with leading retreats, I genuinely love my work”.

While reaching for my dreams my faith was sometimes gone, my patience was often turned off and the affirmations were the opposite of what I wanted. Having a dream, affirming it, believing in it and being resilient has helped me to reach my dreams. This is what I learned and I am grateful to have the capability to learn and grow. Now I am living what I have dreamed of and I will never stop setting dreams, they are my motivators.

- Iyan -

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