Laughing is Contagious

Now thats a laugh

About 12 years ago a friend told me: “Iyan, your smile is hiding something, your eyes are melancholic” It was not really pleasant to hear, but I digested what he said. I began looking at myself in the mirror… playing with different expressions until I laughed and laughed like crazy! I kept watching myself in front of the mirror making different laughs, and then I found my own!

Knowing my true smile and laugh gives me an amazing feeling of freedom, in the beginning I faked my laugh and I created situations that made me laugh, I found it to be a great therapy and up until now, whenever possible, I laugh and very often I laugh at my own self if I do a stupid thing or if I am lost. I found it is better to laugh than to get upset, after laughing things seems to be easier to take.

For some of you that have joined ‘Escape the World’ you may recall that at the beginning of the retreat you were smiling and towards the end you experienced true laughter and I am sure that you felt good about it. Yes, laughing is contagious just like happiness. My friends… sometimes just laugh! When life is not so funny, when you live tense moments, get in front of the mirror and laugh, you will see what happens!


- Iyan -


Image Credit: Lucid Nightmare


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