Journey Into Peace


Each time we are faced with challenging situations where we have no control of, stress and anxiety can easily creep up on us. We rush through tasks trying to get everything done as much as we can each day. Constant pattern like these evidently leads to stress. There are a few definite tools for handling stress such as entertaining with friends and eating healthier meals. Though less definite, engaging in meditation and yoga classes for the benefit of reducing stress is a useful way to overcome stress. According to experienced retreat leader Marije E. Paternotte, reconnecting with your Self will greatly enhance a sense of inner peace and reduce stress.

Experiencing bliss in our lives can be achieved according to how we understand our own experiences as being blissful or not. Some workshops, practices and retreats are often held with a focus in embracing peace. Marije gives participants the opportunity to learn how to listen to your body, so the mind is not always in charge. Yoga and meditation practices are taught upon the comfort level of each participant with the result that participant could maintain a relaxed state of mind also when they go back to their daily (work) life.

Included in this retreat is the teaching of ‘Kripalu’ yoga. Marije teaches the yoga postures (Asanas) that are practiced in a Kripalu Yoga class are not much different from any other yoga tradition. The focus of the practice however, is not to “perform” each posture perfectly as described in a book, but to find the right way for your body in that moment. This creates an opportunity for more self-awareness, and to be okay with yourself no matter where you’re at. Kripalu also means “compassion”.

“Blissful Bali Yoga Retreat” to connect with our own Divinity.

Where: ONEWORLD retreats Kumara (Kumara Sakti)

When: April 27 – May 3, 2014

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