Anthony Lett
Anthony began Pilates in Melbourne in the early 1990ís when there were only two studios in the entire city! Anthony was first introduced to Pilates through his sister Geraldine, a well know international ballet dancer. A serious tennis player (and coach) at the time, he employed Pilates to enhance his performance, and was subsequently awarded the distinction of both the Victorian and Australian Tennis Coach of the year.

After some years as a student studying Pilates, he decided to become an apprentice teacher as a way of furthering his learning in the method. At that time the only approach available to those wanting to improve their understanding and application of Pilates techniques was the ‘traditional’ apprenticeship role. Apprenticing involved learning Josephs’ original exercises: the mat exercises first, followed by reformer and other apparatus progressions. This classic version of Pilates was, and remains, dynamic, challenging and athletically-based.

Since then, an evolution has occurred in Pilates education. A clinical stream has emerged, based on input from the medical community, and is now frequently applied in the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction. Anthony has a keen interest in both streams of Pilates exercise, and Fitzroy Pilates Studio offers programs spanning injury rehabilitation, health/wellbeing, and performance optimization. Another focus for Anthony is what he considers a frequently overlooked and under-emphasised aspect of Pilates work: stretching. Having produced two DVD’s demonstrating the integration of therapeutic muscles stretching into Pilates work, and with a book on the subject titled "Innovations in Pilates" also in the final stages of production, this area is becoming a prominent one for Anthony.

Another interest Anthony holds is the way in which Pilates exercise can be used as a treatment for health conditions other than those with a biomechanical etiology. Whilst undertaking post-graduate study in Exercise Medicine at Monash University (Faculty of Medicine), Anthony was involved in research into how exercise was incorporated as a treatment for a wide variety of conditions including stroke rehabilitation, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pregnancy, ageing, asthma, AIDS, sleep disorder, and pain management. The extent to which Pilates may play a role in assisting the treatment of such health conditions is something Anthony feels we are yet to fully explore.

Anthony lives in semi-rural Eltham where he has a home studio where he sees’s private clients.

Kym Croft
Kym has been active in the health industry as a Remedial Massage Therapist for 12 years. In conjunction with this she operates Fitzroy Pilates Studio with Anthony Lett. In 2004 her interests grew to combine health with travel and from this developed 'Pilates Retreats'. In May 2009 she will have completed Travel Consultant qualifications which will further develop her health and travel interests

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